Picture Resizer Options

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PhotoResize Options

by Michael Lee http://phototools.wordpress.com/.

What is PhotoResize Options

PhotoResize Options allows running PhotoResize.exe with resizing options selected in a configuration dialog window.

Configuration window for Picture Resizer
The main window of PhotoResize Options

How to use it

PhotoResize Options is a single .exe file that needs to be placed in the same folder as PhototResize.exe (on Desktop by default). There are two ways how to use the tool:

  1. You can drag and drop file or folder on the PhotoResizeOptions.exe icon and choose resizing options in a window that pops up and finally click a Resize button.
  2. Alternatively, you can just double-click the icon and choose the file or folder later.

Download and installation

PhotoResizeOptions.exe was created by Michael Lee and can be freely downloaded here: PhotoResize Options.exe.

PhotoResizeOptions.exe expect PhotoResize.exe (download from the main page) to be in the same folder. The name must be exactly PhototResize.exe, be sure to rename it from the initial PhotoResize400.exe.

Recent comments

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on November 24th 2011

Place the -c option with output path template before the input folder, the command line parameters are processed from left to right.

user icon Anonymous on January 12th 2012

Can some provide details for the options (C, R, L, H, I, M, S, N, T)
C is Current, R is recursive, however I cannot find any details for the others in the advanced config info

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 12th 2012

They are described on the main page in the Additional options section.

user icon Anonymous on January 13th 2012


I just discovered this tool and I find it great. I'm specialy using this tool for resizing my pictures before I put them on my iPad. In the "PhotoResize Option"-tool I saw that a resizing option for an iPad is provided by default. I tried this option and it works fine except for vertical (portrait) pictures.

Does somebody know what the problem is ?

Thanks !

user icon Anonymous on February 6th 2012

Hi excellent little program but after a bit of assistance please.. Theres a switch to skip smaller images, but is there a reverse switch i.e resize pictures to say 800x600 but only if picture width <800 please??

user icon Vlasta site administrator on February 7th 2012

Unfortunately, that is currently impossible.

user icon Anonymous on August 9th 2012

great tool!! There is the -z switch to only process files with a word in their file names. Is there also a switch to exclude files with a specified word in their file name?


user icon Anonymous on August 22nd 2012

Vlasta , I need your help, could you put a syntax here of the following:

- reduce to dimensions width = 100 height = 150
- reduce Quality to 95%
- copy to another folder and keep original filename

I have been trying hundreds of times, no luck , thanks in advance

user icon Vlasta site administrator on August 22nd 2012

Since you want to put the files in another folder, you'll have to run it from command line or use a shortcut:

PhotoResize100x150Q95.exe "-cC:\another_folder\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" "source_files"
user icon Anonymous on January 25th 2013

can this monitor a directory and resize incoming files

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?