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sixλxis (2010-03-25 17:10:49):

This is outdated, the current version (2009.1) does not include a 3D editor.

sixλxis (2010-06-04 02:51:26):

My bad it wasn't even included in 2009.1.

Vlasta (2010-06-04 11:30:26):

Yes, only very few people were using the 3D functions in the 3D editor and the majority was only confused, so it was removed from the basic version of the cursor editor.

Unknown author (2011-10-26 10:53:53):

so how are u supposed to do the 3d edit thing?

Vlasta (2011-10-26 11:10:19):

The 3D used to be in version 2007.1, but was removed.

Unknown author (2011-11-07 21:41:32):

You also did the arrow drop cursor now i have the arrow drop cursur so thanks man!!! :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2011-12-04 13:41:34):

can you also make a tutorial for cursor that has trails behind please? tnx

Unknown author (2011-12-30 12:24:41):

Coool.I have an old version and i made it!
Thanks man :-D

Unknown author (2012-01-23 13:38:47):

eu consigo entender nada

Unknown author (2012-02-05 19:20:25):

where I put the help aplication

Noah Bear (2014-07-11 19:37:45):

is it for busy cursor

Unknown author (2017-05-28 09:22:40):

is ok but don't have the 3d Editor. |-) |-) |-)

yourcomputerhasdied (2021-02-10 19:43:47):

You could use bevel on circles to make it look 3d
cursor-view/150627.png.png image

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