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Teddy (2009-12-22 02:25:32):

hey guys, i got some news 4 you:
the second ss, the d halberds, the 4th armdylgs and the third one without bevel are just not loaded up yet.
i'lldo this soon
hae fun,

Teddy (2010-01-10 03:09:57):

i got about 8 new sets wich are not loaded up yet, but i will load them up soon. their names: penis cursors (hehe, i made one cursor animated muhaha), armadyl godsword III without bevel, ags IV, black dragon set, d 2h , d 2h II, new d scimmy II, blue-violet cursors and probably a whip set.

Teddy (2010-01-28 13:37:37):

soo i just added about 6 sets, but there are still 4 other sets on my usb-stick. containing: dragon helebards, 2 diffrent dragon 2hander sets, a new dragon scimitair 2 set, a set called all stuff ever made by KT6 (this set is as big as 5 normal-sized sets Xd) and i will make a set out of the abyssal whip soon.

Have fun,

Unknown author (2010-01-31 04:37:19):

ur penis cursors are gross

Teddy (2010-02-10 12:25:05):

i know i wanted them to be like this
if everyone would want to delete this set, i will
but there are many downloads ftw

Unknown author (2010-02-19 09:23:21):

sarabomin götter schwert

Unknown author (2010-02-19 09:23:50):


Teddy (2010-03-03 18:00:22):

heeeey are you german? if yes: ich auch
if no: its name is saradomin-götterschwert

PS: okay

Unknown author (2010-03-09 22:21:24):

lol they are kinda gross
but the dragon stuff rocks!!!

Teddy (2010-03-17 15:14:28):

thank you ^^

Teddy (2010-03-26 20:10:30):

look 4 my new sets!

Teddy (2010-04-14 19:12:15):

german txt following:
hi leute vom bfc schön das ihr euch das mal anschaut ^^

Teddy (2010-05-13 10:49:08):

My next sets:
Rune 2h
D 2h
D 2h II
D scimmy II
Dark bow

All these sets exept the rune 2h, the zgs and the ddp are already complete and just not online yet

But it could take much time till I can load 'em up . . . ;-)
Have fun

pvp n3rd 2 (2010-05-22 12:21:05):

do you play runescape?

fordeath (2010-05-23 20:01:43):

Tzhaar-ket-om maybe?

Teddy (2010-05-24 16:42:53):

Yes I do,
Okay I'll try

Unknown author (2010-08-05 00:41:31):

chaotic long?:)

Unknown author (2010-08-05 06:05:18):

Could you do... the anchor...? :-D

Teddy (2010-08-20 22:25:27):

Both in production

slayyou910 (2010-09-23 00:09:07):

yo i play runescape im a lvl 61

slayyou910 (2010-09-23 00:39:09):

yo my nickname is teddy!!!! 8-)

Teddy (2010-09-23 18:48:19):

playing rs, too; cb 101 at the moment :-D
but total level noob ;-)

Unknown author (2010-09-25 17:33:44):

what is ur username in rs? i would like to add u

Teddy (2010-09-26 12:36:53):

whats yours

slayyou910 (2010-09-26 21:47:27):

what the heck!!! i star for my cursors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

slayyou910 (2010-09-26 21:48:49):

why u put penis cursors!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2010-09-27 03:03:50):

the penis cursors are strange o_o

Teddy (2010-09-27 10:02:44):

they are. thats the reason why I was loading 'em up dude

wronger (2010-10-11 04:18:23):

Dude i laughed so hard when i saw those penis cursors o_O

Teddy (2010-10-14 11:19:44):


Unknown author (2010-10-14 11:25:31):

please help me!

Unknown author (2010-10-14 11:28:23):

Can you pleasemake me a simple arrow with a huge red highlighted circle around it please please please

Teddy (2010-10-14 16:25:34):

of course ... just a simple standard cursor with a red circle around it?

slayyou910 (2010-10-29 22:29:31):

you (*d) my cursors so u stink!!!1 8-) 11 :-D

Teddy (2010-11-30 21:31:30):

? What ?

Teddy (2010-12-22 21:12:38):

I deleted or nearly deleted my Penis Cursor Set. It was online a long time and I had quite alot of fun ( ;-) ) but I think its enough and I dont want to let this site seem to be pervert anymore.
But I got many downloads! =P

Teddy (2010-12-22 21:29:08):

thanks vlasta

Teddy (2010-12-24 12:05:13):


JDDellGuy (2010-12-31 23:28:41):

Check out my blog. Anybody interested in a cursor experiment?

Teddy (2011-01-01 17:36:09):

what kind of experiment?

Teddy (2011-01-08 13:49:29):

Added a Chaotic Longsword-Cursor to the set "Runescape Items"!
Comment it so that I know whether I should create a whole set of these, please.

Anonymous (2011-01-12 04:50:43):
Tails the fox (2011-02-16 18:06:28):


Teddy (2011-02-16 20:18:36):

what are you talking about?

Unknown author (2011-02-28 00:11:51):

Good stuff. :-D :-D :-D

Teddy (2011-02-28 07:41:49):

I know ;-)

Tails the fox (2011-03-04 17:41:09):


Davez (2011-03-12 11:26:21):

You like RS? ;-)

Tails the fox (2011-03-14 17:26:42):


Tails the fox (2011-03-14 17:28:14):

i hate noobscape :-(

Teddy (2011-03-14 18:40:50):

I like it but I like Halo and BFBC2 better :-)
I'm trying ti publish some Halo Cursors soon but I dont have much time cause were moving at the moment and in the house we're moving to there wont be no internet till the end of this month or sth like this

Tails the fox (2011-03-15 16:54:25):

anyone play aqw

ayvhin01 (2011-03-17 06:55:46):

sexy ha :-D

Tails the fox (2011-03-29 18:00:42):

icon-image/4609-16x16x32.png image

Teddy (2011-03-29 22:21:06):

Dont spam please ^^

Tails the fox (2011-03-30 16:44:32):

do you mean me?

Unknown author (2011-04-01 09:49:58):

(NaughtyBear6:) You and ayvhin but I didn't mean it very serious ^^

Tails the fox (2011-04-05 17:58:23):

you make meicon-image/4586-16x16x32.png image...just joking

Teddy (2011-04-12 00:44:08):

However ^^

Unknown author (2011-04-12 03:22:51):

I'm a naughty bear! lol :-D i'm actually Ray but I forgot to sign in. Oh well, I'm 14 years old! :-)

Teddy (2011-04-12 07:51:00):

:-) hi

Unknown author (2011-04-13 23:15:09):

I really like you're stuff :-)

Teddy (2011-04-13 23:34:02):

Thanks :-)

Unknown author (2011-04-19 09:26:37):

yeah your good! 8-)

ZeloZelos (2011-10-15 23:14:08):

I sent you a message via hotmail. but i forgot to mention the whole reason i told you do get the comixcursor theres a css file that you can open in a browser to see the names of the cursors currently used ;-)

Teddy (2011-10-16 13:07:58):

got the maessage and sent one back

Blender is driving me crazy ^^

Unknown author (2011-10-22 00:58:55):

hey can u make a custom korasi sword cursor? that would be great!

Teddy (2011-10-22 10:43:30):

lets see
Im not that active in the last days but I'll play around a little bit

Unknown author (2011-10-26 02:21:56):

alright thanks! :-D

Teddy (2011-11-02 12:59:13):

no problem :-) Ill do it today :-)

Unknown author (2011-11-02 21:04:30):


Teddy (2011-11-03 11:02:54):

finally didnt manage it to do it yesterday - but Ill do it soon

Rinfo (2011-11-12 15:28:38):

u r aesome.

Teddy (2011-12-17 11:26:33):

uuuh thanks? :-D

Unknown author (2012-01-13 20:01:19):


:-(i hat you

Teddy (2012-01-24 14:42:21):

whys that?

Unknown author (2012-02-09 12:23:34):

Oh dang the korasi sword.
On it

Teddy (2012-04-16 09:23:23):

I just noticed that this old penis cursor thingy i uploaded 2 years ago has nearly 3k downloads Oo holy shit

does anybody know where i can see my overall download stats?

Vlasta (2012-04-16 10:34:09):

There is a 'download statistics' link on this page right above the Contact card.

Teddy (2012-04-17 18:54:25):

I often use these statistics, but I cant see all my downloads on them ... just one year max
but thanks

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-08-04 18:40:16):

Thanks for reviewing my cursors also I like your profile picture.

Teddy (2012-08-04 19:02:20):

:-) thanks for reviewing >my< cursors dude

Unknown author (2013-02-20 07:53:59):

THIS IS AWESOME! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D ;-) ;-) :-) :-) ;-) :-D

Unknown author (2014-10-06 22:10:12):

Hahah u play runescape same here :-D :D :-D

Unknown author (2015-03-03 13:11:21):

i cant even use it u r the worst

J (2015-09-03 14:46:01):

All of your sword cursors are awesome good work

Unknown author (2020-11-13 17:25:12):

yeah im using a cursor right now its AMAZING

Unknown author (2021-03-26 19:35:18):

Great huh Thank You so much Everybody!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2021-10-20 20:17:19):

It is awesome!!! I love Halo and i always will thanks to you! Thank you for spending the time to put this together!

Unknown author (2022-01-22 19:58:12):


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