Application options

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Application options

The application options dialog displays and allows modification of a subset of the global application settings. There are other global settings not available in this dialog, for example color swatches or configuration of rendering devices, etc.

The actual settings in the dialog depend on components installed in the active application. The global settings are plug-in based and each plug-in has its own tab at the top of the window.

To open the configuration dialog, click Tools->Options from main menu.

rsrc/application-options.png image

Main window tab

Some of the settings will not apply to application windows that are already open.

Undo mode: an undo mode valid for all document types can be selected here. If the default option is selected, each document type will use undo mode of its choice. Typically, this is the memory-limited multi-step mode.

Window caption: choose what information is displayed in caption of windows. Document type is for example "Icon", "Raster image", "3D model", etc. Layout name can be customized in the layout configuration and it can be for example "Image editor", "Icon editor", etc.

Language code: While the main application supports only two languages (English and Czech), any language code can be selected. This is because RealWorld Designer is an open and configurable system and there may be third-party components or layouts that support different languages. The components will fall back to English if the selected language is unavailable.

Start page: choose what to display when application is started without parameters. While the Online page may be best suited for new users, veteran users will probably prefer the Recent Files page.

The other settings allow you to enable or disable tooltips with context help, reminders to save modified documents, and automatic layout saving.

The last option needs to be enabled if you want to customize the window layouts.

Raster image tab

The options on this page can be used to select the default image file format and its options. The default image format applies to newly created images and images exported from icons or rendered from a 3D model.

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 4th 2011

Have you translated the .po file in the application or in a text editor? If you used a text editor, the application is unaware of the changes and does not send the updates to the server. You would need to manually add #! to the changed strings and then they will be uploaded.

The changed records in the .po file should look like:

msgid "English string"
msgstr "Translated string"
user icon pizza2000 registered user on March 5th 2013

why when i open recent and click the mouse that i made it says "the application failed to execute the requested action for unspecified reason. Please verify that all external blahblahblah" please help me? thanks :-)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 5th 2013

Possibly because you have deleted or moved the clicked file? BTW this particular page is not the right place to ask this kind of question.

user icon Anonymous on October 25th 2014

Is there someway I can change which type of color picker window comes up in the RealWorld Cursor Editor program? I'm using the program on a Windows 8 laptop. I know I can do it on my XP, but I can't seem to find it here.

Thanks for any help!

Also, the colors I choose don't always show up right, on the image preview. For example, when I chose a orange-ish pink, the preview was showing a royal blue. =(

Thanks again fro any help!

user icon Vlasta site administrator on October 25th 2014

Perhaps you are using the older version of the cursor editor on your other computer. In the new version, the ability to customize the bigger color picker was hidden, because it was too complicated. The smaller color picker is not a bit better though. How exactly would like to modify them?

If you see blue instead of orange on the preview, you have probably set the opacity (the bar beside the color wheel) to 0. For cursors, this in some situations means "invert" what is below the cursor, but it only works for low color depths.

user icon Anonymous on December 18th 2015

the frame sidebar won't close. I want to close it so I can edit the image, because I accidentally dragged it up all the way. :-(

user icon Vlasta site administrator on December 19th 2015

drag it back or reset configuration

user icon Anonymous on June 29th 2018

Changing the default gamma correction doesn't work for me. All the colors stay the same no matter what the default gamma correction is. I need it at 1

user icon Vlasta site administrator on June 29th 2018

The gamma setting was used in earlier versions. More and more of the tools and effects in the latest version use gamma of 2.2.

user icon Anonymous on May 25th

I don't understand why the animated gif get a lot of weight when saved with Real World Paint... I don't know make them lighter

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
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