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Create arrow cursor

The Create arrow shape wizard draws a standard arrow shape of given size. User can also configure relative tail size and direction of the arrow.

rsrc/create-arrow-shape.png image

The wizard is accessed from the main toolbar of the application.

The outline color is taken from the color selected in the editor window prior to running the wizard. The interior color can be changed from the configuration window.

Customizing the wizard

This wizard is a implemented as a JavaScript operation and users with javascript knowledge can adjust it to their needs. The Customizing arrow wizard article describes the internal structure of this wizard and it is a good starting point for users looking to learn more about scripting in RealWorld apps.

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user icon Anonymous on April 12th 2017

;-)wow you gouys are gud

user icon burny1972 registered user on January 21st 2018

Great Tool! I didn't knew, that I can to modify my cursor! Great!

user icon Anonymous on February 9th 2018

How to i make one cursor mini more default of windows?

user icon Anonymous on February 19th 2018

How do I make a hand cursor :-(

user icon Anonymous on February 21st 2018

I want a yellow ring around my cursur! I realy want it. can someone tell me? :-(

user icon Anonymous on May 4th 2018


8-) beeeeeeeeeeeeest keep on work guys!

user icon Anonymous on July 2nd 2018

how do i reset cursor? when i set to some cursor that not normal when i want to get normal cursor i dont know how to reset it

user icon Anonymous on December 16th 2018

So awesome! But how can I insert an image so my cursor can be an image of my choice?

user icon i don't really care registered user on February 14th

yeah how do we insert an image

user icon Anonymous on April 28th

I also want to download it but how do you do it?

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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