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RealWorld Cursor Editor Help Index

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a software focused on '''designing of new static or animated mouse cursors. It is also capable of editing images, and changing current mouse cursors in Windows.

Getting more help

The crucial information is available directly in RealWorld Cursor Editor:

  • Read the tooltips and/or descriptions in application status bar (the line at the bottom of each window) to learn about individual menu commands or dialog controls.
  • Click the lightbulb toolbar button or the "What now?" menu command to display list of frequently used actions for your current document.
  • Search this web using the search box in the upper right corner.
  • Ask a question on a public discussion board.

Drawing a mouse cursor

Video tutorials:

Making animated cursors

Video tutorials:

Misc tasks

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user icon CursorKid registered user on December 2nd 2014

How do i make 3D cursor pleaseshow me the video in youtube :-D

user icon Vlasta site administrator on December 2nd 2014

Currently, you can not make 3D cursors. IT was removed as it was too complicated for most users. You can use some other 3D program to create an image or an animation and then convert it to cursor in RW.

user icon Anonymous on December 3rd 2014

How do i duplicate cursor,please help!

user icon Anonymous on January 4th

im just wondering how to make the cursors bigger so i can see them more clearly

user icon niklas registered user on January 30th

i cant make a cursor :-(

user icon felix registered user on February 4th

Yo im new, so this is really confusing

user icon Anonymous on February 16th


user icon Anonymous on February 18th

;-) :-( This is weird can I make a cursor that can be both moody and cool if so can any body give me some ideas? :-)

user icon Varjokani registered user on February 26th

How to make our cursors show of in our profile. All I can see them is from:

user icon Anonymous on March 22nd

go to cursor arrow shape choose acpeat\ok go to eclispe press circle on the right choose a color Drag it from the left top corner dont forget to make it light in the middle then the cursor hot spot i hope this helped ;-) :-D

user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?