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RealWorld Cursor Editor Help Index

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a software focused on '''designing of new static or animated mouse cursors. It is also capable of editing images, and changing current mouse cursors in Windows.

Getting more help

The crucial information is available directly in RealWorld Cursor Editor:

  • Read the tooltips and/or descriptions in application status bar (the line at the bottom of each window) to learn about individual menu commands or dialog controls.
  • Click the lightbulb toolbar button or the "What now?" menu command to display list of frequently used actions for your current document.
  • Search this web using the search box in the upper right corner.
  • Ask a question on a public discussion board.

Drawing a mouse cursor

Video tutorials:

Making animated cursors

Video tutorials:

Misc tasks

Recent comments

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user icon Anonymous on August 14th

How do i use ALL the cursors :-(

user icon guiabaete registered user on August 21st

como eu publi9co cursores?

user icon Anonymous on August 27th

I draw a zoom in/out cursor in photoshop and it looks perfect in photoshop... but when I open the png (exported from photoshop) it looks terrible with jagged edges... what is the best export set up so my photoshop drawings look as perfect as they were in photoshop?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on August 27th

Make sure "Alpha channels" is set and that your image actually has an alpha channel.

user icon Anonymous on September 5th

is there any way to make a batch prossesing? i have the models for over 200 cursors and i dont want to create one by one
thanks for your time!

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 8th

No batch processing in the current version and there probably won't be in the future as it seems to me that each cursor would still need some manual adjustments, like setting hotspot.

user icon Anonymous on September 10th

is there any way to "zoom" the hotspot selection it is hard for me to see where its the exact center.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 10th

You can switch to the hotspot tool and you'll see in on the main canvas.

user icon Mark registered user on September 12th

Would like to import a pic, duplicate it 10 times (to have 10 layers) then add a different pic to each layer to make an animated cursor. Can this be done?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 12th

You should open it as an animation (which is the default in RWCE), duplicate the frame 10 times and then add a later to each frame with this different pic. Then convert it to a cursor. In RWCE a frame is a frame and a layer is a layer. No need to pretend that a layer is a frame.

user icon Anonymous
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What about ICL files?