Batch processing photos

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Batch processing photos

Batch processing page in RealWorld Photos can be accessed by opening a new application window and clicking on Batch by the left side of the window.

rsrc/batch-process-photos.png image

The drop area

One of the ways to batch process files, is to drag and drop them on the upper part of the window (where the the icon and the large text is).

Operation list

Installed batch operations are displayed as icons with names. You can export, import, delete, duplicate, or create your own operations using the toolbar buttons above the list.

Double-clicking an operation or clicking Configure in the toolbar, opens the Configure batch operation dialog.

Dragging and dropping files on a concrete operation icon will batch-process them using that operation.

It is also possible to create droplets from operations.

Processed files tab

This is an embedded Windows Explorer displaying a fixed folder. Batch processed files are by default put into this folder. You can drag and drop files from here or use standard clipboard commands to move the files.

Source files tab

This tab lets you browse files and batch process them. Select multiple files or folders and click Process in the lower left corner.

Log tab

This tab displays recent activity and eventually encountered errors.

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