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There, now the blog don't have 2 be sad because its empty.

A little about me? Well I enjoy making stuff and computer graphics all-around. Id love to have a job some day making stuff for someone but I'm not holding my breath. Graduated collage in 99 (computer science of course), Married father of 4. I use Blender mostly, a little Gimp and PSP (ya i know, Paint Shop Pro! WOW! thats old stuff-but it still works). About my nickname ZeloZelos, well its Native Indian for cricket-as in the bug- Ive always been fond of the letter Z and theres 2 in it. And my name is sooooo common...so I decided to have an on line persona i guess. Not exactly but try getting an email address or even a login to most sites with the name Ed Smith...then try and remember the email address : EDSMITH95482458720345823@somemailserver.com ...I think you get the point... ;-)

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