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Back from holidays. Had good fun. Remember to come check me out on Booksie.

Mmmm.... Brains. I have been watching movies and shows as well as reading and identifying things about this area of expertise.I am getting ready for a series of zombie related content on my Booksie account.

I'm sorry I haven't been giving links to my content on Booksie. I was at the Hospitality thing for a week, then I was sick for a week, and last week was my Year 11 Yearly Exams. Today is my last day of Year 11. If you want to see my Booksie content, I recommend becoming a fan of sosnh on Booksie, as I will be using this blog for other things, and only for some really good things I want to write down.

What I Would Like To See On Minecraft???

The Top 5 Memes of the 4th September. I am busy tomoz.

Fave Flash Game 21-The Sagittarian

My Top 5 Memes 3rd September

So stressed right now. I am suffering with depression. Right now, my confidence is at an all time low. When I have liked someone in the past, I have told a few close friends, but I struggle even saying it to be best friend, or my parents as I am afraid of rejection. This girl I have liked for the past 2 months, and even before that, but I was waiting to go out with another girl that said she might, but rejected me when I asked. I am so shaken, and If she says no, I think i might literally make a heart attack, that is how much my heart is pounding. Damn!

Fave Flash Game 20-4 Screens

Loving Arthur as our school bell today.

Fave Flash Game 19-Button Hunt

Why I am not posting next week.

Memes of the 24th August.

Confirmed WWE '13 Superstars.

Fave Flash Game 18-Sheep Tycoon.

Top 5 Memes 23/08/2012

Fave Flash Game 17-World's Hardest Game 1.0

Top 5 Memes 22/08/2012

Fave Flash Game 16-The Visitor.

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