cdl's blog archive for April 2013

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New Icon Composer Set!

taglib/pack/star-shine.png image Come play with my new set in the icon assembler!

Giving Presents

item/present-2c.png image Giving Presents for 50%! item/present-3c.png image

Hey You Guys!!

item/button-3.png imageitem/button-3.png imageitem/button-3.png image
Anyone remember the Electric Company?
Remember how they always said "Hey You Guys!!"?
Now I'm saying it, Hey You Guys!!
This Is Important!!

3rd Free Paint Give-Away Drawing

icon-image/136-32x32x32.png imageicon-image/136-32x32x32.png imageicon-image/136-32x32x32.png image

9 winners will be selected!

It is just a matter of time before I have a 3rd icon set reach 1000 downloads and then we celebrate!

I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons