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Back to college

Hey everyone! :-) I am starting my next semester of college tomorrow so I will be absent from the site for some time perhaps. I do tend to check in once in a while, but my contributions will be less. See you all later! :-D

Gem Cursor Set

The Gem Cursor Set is now available for download!

cursor-27551 cursor-27566 cursor-27580 cursor-27596

Don't forget to rate and comment!

The Steampunk cursor set is completed!

The Steampunk cursor set is completed and available for download now! Comment what you think of them and rate! cursor-27174

Steampunk anybody?

If anybody is interested, I'd like to encourage the creation of steampunk styled art this month. I am planning on starting work on a steampunk styled cursor or icon set. (Continued below...)

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