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Realisations? And my life going onward

Hey all,


Well, today has been pretty jam packed.

I guess that's it

I should have seen it coming, I guess.

All the lies I've told you- and some truths I kept

No, not the lies I have told the reader. I've chosen to be honest and truthful on here, partly because there is no real life kickback. This is dedicated to all the lies I told my ex girlfriend, when we were together. It exists as a confession, a catharsis if you like. Maybe I'll show this to her someday, send her this text. God knows I don't want anyone in my real life finding this blog. I like to think that everyone I know still believes the lies I tell about myself, and my actions. As you'll realise, I'm changing up my stylistic choices today; writing this to her.

Moral issues

Hi everyone. Just a quick update, which I felt I needed to make for this situation.



More misc business

Hey there everyone!

Another blog about my life

I've felt incredible since getting out my feelings, and I've gone through some stuff in the last 12 hours. Just a warning for anyone reading; this is going to focus on the two main things teenage boys think about (cars and girls), among other things

What I'm doing

It's been a long time since I've been on this site. And I thought that I'd get some feelings and emotions out by making a post on this blog. No one in my real life knows about my page here, so I should be able to talk about this kind of stuff.

Hi there and icon-image/10428-48x48x32.png image to my blog!
Please check out my cursors and feel free to publish any reviews or comment anything that isn't inappropriate.

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