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It's My Birthday!

Today's my birthday, I have now 16 years! If someone could give to me at least 1 gift, like a spray, fancy present, or even a ribbon cockade, that would be really appreciated. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!!cursor-view/132923.png image

Do you like it?

Just wondering, but. Do you like my new avatar image? I am glad that it got approved I want you guys to share your opinion about my new avatar image.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, have a nice day with your family, sons, cousins, friends, etc. You can also make a set about thanksgiving, I would download it and use it on this times. I would like some turkey cursors, or something related about this holiday!

icon-view/17222.png image Recycling a lot of things here, it's very though also. But it's no problem. We need to recycle to make a better planet! :-)

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Free Cursors Websites

rsrc/Globo en Llamas.png image Have you ever thought, that RW Graphics was the only website that offered free cursors? Well, let me tell you that the answer is NO.


Hello, RealWorld users. Today I joined for the first time to RealWorld Graphics. If you tell some facts or some of the rules and etc, I will appreciate and that you for your help. Also, I appreciate some gifts, so if you want to send me something "useless" for you, send me a PM to my mailbox. Thanks for reading!

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