Experience the old Internet Again!

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Experience the old Internet Again!

Published by on September 20th 2020.

Some of us, probably wanted to re-experience, the old internet, or browse again with your old web browser such as Netscape Navigator or old versions of Internet Explorer that can't run most of today's sites.

Well, various people tried to make this dream possible, achieving this, and creating http://theoldnet.com/

This website tries to make you feel and brings you back to the old 90s, when the Internet, was a novel concept. The style of the website is just like a website from the 90s.

What they say on their website is this: "The Old Internet Again is an attempt to restore vintage web browsing on vintage computers."

Let's take for example, you want to see how YouTube looked on it's beginning. You may want to go to Wayback Machine, but there's one problem: Your browser can't run WayBack Machine because it's outdated and there are various scripts that can't run on your browser. http://theoldnet.com/ will help you with that. It has scripts that old browsers still support, so you'll have no trouble when loading the website.

How to browse?

First, specify the name of your search or place the URL of the website you're looking for.
Then, specify the year you want to go (1994 - 2010).
Click "Go!" if you've placed the URL of a website or click "Search" if you want to search for something and not to go to a website.

It'll bring you amazing results.

I'll go to YouTube, at it's beginning phase (2005)
This is what I'll get...
rsrc/Screenshot_9.png image

It shows you, exactly, how it looked back then!

Please Note!

This website won't bring you to every place you want to go, unfortunately. These websites are archived, when the website doesn't find an archive, it'll search for an archive at WayBack Machine, if it doesn't find any archive, then the website you're looking for is lost, and it'll be impossible to find.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on October 9th 2020

Thank you very much, this is pretty cool! :-D

user icon Vlazteron registered user on October 9th 2020

You're welcome. It's really amazing that they could do this. :-)

user icon eeveelover64 registered user on October 19th 2020

Wait a minute... This is like web.archive.org, isn't it?

user icon Anonymous on October 30th 2020

cool :-D

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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