Compatible Photoshop Image Filters

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Adobe® Photoshop®-compatible image filters

RealWord Paint, RealWord Photos and RealWord Icon Editor are able to use .8bf image filters created for Adobe® Photoshop® and compatible software. This page lists manufacturers of plug-ins that were found to be at least partially usable from RealWorld software. Since there are far too many plug-ins, each plug-in author shall only be mentioned once. Any registered user is welcome to improve plug-in descriptions or to add entries at the end of the list (in a no-spammy way) - simply click the Edit link in the page footer.


Offers 5 paid (AlphaToys, FilterOptix, HalfTone, OldMovie, UnPlugged-X) and 5 free (Camouflage, Harmonix, NightVision, Snowflakes, SnowScape) plugins. The plug-ins cover various tasks like changing transparency, lens filter emulation, halftone dithering, decoration of images, etc.



Mehdi offers 20+ free plug-ins for various imaging tasks and one paid plug-in for intelligent image magnification.


optikVerve Labs

VirtualPhotographer plug-in includes over 50 presets that automatically apply combinations of film grain, color modification, B/W, soft focus, high contrast and many artistic effects to achieve professional-looking images.


Richard Rosenman

20+ free (3D Sphere, Box Fitting, deformations, ...) and some commercial plug-ins.


AAA 8bf

Author of free AAA BLENDER and AAA OPTIONS and other plug-ins.



8 free plug-ins for color corrections, blurring, sharpening and lens correction.


XERO Graphics

40+ free plug-ins and 4 commercial ones.


Redfield plugins

8 free plug-ins (including Craquelure3D) and 12 commerical ones. Mostly focused on texture generation or use of textures for special effects.


Little Ink Pot

3 free and 4 commercial plug-ins for edge detection, sketching effect or gray-scale conversion.


Flaming Pear

20 commercial and numerous free plug-ins. The commercial plug-ins include a planet-generating tool or a submerge plug-in.


MV's plugins

Couple of freeware plug-ins.


Cybia software

5 free plug-in and 3 commercial ones focused on color manipulation and outlining and shading.


Antonino Perricone

Author of the Luce plug-in. Preview is not working in the current version of RWPaint.


Image Skill

3 free and 8 commercial plug-ins. Includes plug-ins for image masking, enhancement and special effects.



A couple of free and paid plug-ins for photo enhancements.


Alpha Plugins

A free red-eye removing plug-ins and a couple of paid plug-ins.


Philipp Spoeth

Author of the Retrodots plug-in.



Creates normal maps from height maps for per pixel rendering or various other effects.

lokas software

1 paid and 2 free plug-ins for 3D effects. Warning: the plug-ins use a skinning library that interferes with RealWorld menus and displays a error window when the application closes. Also, the 3D shadow effect was not working properly until a special workaround (to compensate for and error in it) was added to RWPaint...



BorderMania and PhotoSizzle are 2 free collections of filters worth having.


Greg Schorno

Another collection of filters.

Download: (bottom of the page)

Hidden 3D

A pair of filters that can be used to create stereograms. The filters work in a kind of weird way fashion and as a consequence they require write access to the plug-ins folder.


DC Photo Filers

A collection of various filters. Although they have an annoying custom user interface with sliders controls that cannot be dragged, the actual effects are worth trying out.


Krusty's FX

Lots of free filters that do strange things. Maybe not useful for serious work, but fun to look at.


The Plugin site

Some free and some commercial plug-ins. Downloading anything requires submitting email address, so nothing was tested (though at least the free plug-in probably work).

Aura Labs

Smart Refinement Filter did not work, because it can only be applied on single channels, which is impossible in RealWorld apps.


Commercial plug-ins. Demo did not work in a virtual environment due to lack of graphic hardware => untested.


Commercial plug-ins. Demo intentionally did not work in a virtual environment => untested.


Some free, but mainly commercial "plug-ins". No actual .8bf effect was installed with the software. The actual Mosaic effect I tested would not be worth a 50MB download (serial number was exchanged for an email address) even if the .8bf file were there and worked.
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