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Cosmic Joyrney best scores

This page lists people, who got the best scores in Cosmic Journey in the last year.

Stone Stage

User iconFlixregistered user10199on January 7th 2021
User iconファントムregistered user9703on January 5th 2021
User iconAnubisregistered user8220on December 2nd 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user8209on November 12th 2020
User iconAnubisregistered user8023on December 2nd 2020
User iconAnubisregistered user7844on December 2nd 2020
User iconAnubisregistered user7721on December 2nd 2020
User iconFlixregistered user7407on January 7th 2021
User iconAnubisregistered user6625on December 2nd 2020
User iconuaeaaeregistered user5764on June 22nd 2020

Saucer Stage

User iconファントムregistered user20881on January 6th 2021
User iconFlixregistered user17517on January 8th 2021
User iconno-nicknameregistered user12467on December 14th 2020
User iconuaeaaeregistered user11208on June 22nd 2020
User iconVlazteronregistered user9763on September 24th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user8764on November 12th 2020
User iconeeveelover64registered user8610on August 23rd 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user7742on November 12th 2020
User iconzohrab.comregistered user7323on February 9th 2020
User iconファントムregistered user7284on January 6th 2021


User iconファントムregistered user7432on January 6th 2021
User iconファントムregistered user7352on January 6th 2021
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user7162on September 19th 2020
User iconzohrab.comregistered user5920on February 9th 2020
User iconファントムregistered user5476on January 6th 2021
User iconsniped64registered user5462on November 25th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user5313on February 20th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user5204on November 12th 2020
User iconVlazteronregistered user5052on September 24th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user4983on November 12th 2020

Space Pirates

User iconSnipedregistered user6043on April 8th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user5388on October 5th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user5275on November 19th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user5271on December 14th 2020
User iconSnipedregistered user5256on April 7th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user5225on December 12th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user5030on December 14th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user5016on November 20th 2020
User iconno-nicknameregistered user4814on December 14th 2020
User iconVlazteronregistered user4805on June 1st 2020

Alien Invaders

User iconSnipedregistered user5614on April 8th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user5593on October 6th 2020
User iconVlazteronregistered user5147on June 1st 2020
User iconSnipedregistered user4929on April 8th 2020
User iconC0$M!C G0Dregistered user4804on October 13th 2020
User iconC0$M!C G0Dregistered user4696on October 13th 2020
User iconother-chrisregistered user4500on November 19th 2020
User iconTyranicalRexregistered user4379on October 6th 2020
User iconC0$M!C G0Dregistered user4221on October 13th 2020
User iconsniped64registered user4217on November 26th 2020

Escort Service

User iconSnipedregistered user7948on April 7th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user4411on October 5th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user3502on October 14th 2020
User iconVlazteronregistered user2792on June 1st 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user2585on September 3rd 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user2573on January 25th 2020
User iconSnipedregistered user2422on April 7th 2020
User icon1962on July 25th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user1943on January 23rd 2020
User iconVlazteronregistered user1857on September 24th 2020

Iron Man

User iconsniped64registered user14760on November 27th 2020
User iconSnipedregistered user5483on April 7th 2020
User iconeeveelover64registered user5130on August 23rd 2020
User iconsniped64registered user4666on November 26th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user4468on October 14th 2020
User iconSnipedregistered user4014on April 7th 2020
User iconsniped64registered user3869on November 26th 2020
User iconsniped64registered user3814on November 27th 2020
User iconSnipedregistered user3439on April 7th 2020
User iconsnickerdoodleregistered user3330on September 19th 2020
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