RealWorld Cursor Editor licenses

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RealWorld Cursor Editor license

You MAY use RealWorld Cursor Editor free of charge for any commercial and non-commercial purpose.

You may NOT do evil things with RealWorld Cursor Editor. Evil things include, but are not limited to: promotion of racism, software patents, extreme religion or totalitarian organizations, cyberbullying, or spamming.

Questions about donations

It is free. Why should I pay?
Software is never complete. It needs to be updated to work with newer Windows, emerging devices like tablets with touchscreens instead of mice.

While the application is free to use, it still costs the authors significant amount of time and money to create, maintain and distribute.

What's the relation to RealWorld Paint?
RealWorld Cursor Editor and RealWorld Paint share a lot of functionality. Donating to either of them helps both. Donation to RealWorld Paint will be used to improve general image editing functionality. Donation to RealWorld Cursor Editor will be used to add more cursor-specific features.

Why don't you pursue alternative income sources?
Because I do not think it is a good idea to get a bit of money and in exchange lower the user experience. RealWorld Cursor Editor will never offer you to install yet another useless browser toolbar.

Are there other ways to help?
Yes, there are multiple ways how to influence the future of RealWorld Cursor Editor. You can create quality cursors and add them to the online library for others to use, help with translation of the application, introduce it to other people via your blog, FaceBook, Twitter or other social media system.

How to donate

You can support the application by sending a donation via the PayPal system:


An alternative way is to send Bitcoins to address: 1LzEFHEsVPSxyW7DxRHqViXTRTFYB8vdvQ

Monthly donations

62.5 USD
125 USD

Recent comments

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user icon Anonymous on March 7th 2019

Dobry Den, I used your software to easily adapt the pointer and link hand icons with some colour and a very light translucent circular halo because sometimes I can't see where the cursor is. They work great and I always see where it is without problem (win 10 64bit). Downloading something would have been easier but it was fun to make my own. I sent a couple of bucks as a donation, it's not much but it's what I can afford at the moment. I've no plans to make custom cursors anymore but if I use the software more I'll upload them for your site to use. I live in the UK and have family and very good friends in Czech (or Czechia as it is now) and used to live there for a while, great country. Cheers :-)

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 9th 2019

Thanks :-)

user icon Sree registered user on April 5th 2019

Absolutely amazing tool, team! I'm too sad I don't have money to donate (I'm still 15)

But as a power Windows user, this program has served its purpose well as a raster image editor, with all the tools and things you can do. I will definitely recommend this to whoever I can!


user icon AnotherBirdMore registered user on May 2nd 2019

So sad that these softwares don't receive the amount of money these deserve :-(. I'm making an edition of the Windows 10 cursors with RealWorld Cursor Editor and thanks to this software it has been made very easy for me, but I can't donate because I live in Venezuela and we're having an economic crisis as to have dollars but I promise that when I have dollars I will donate to this greats softwares.
Sorry my english, I don't speak english and I had to translated with the Google Translator

user icon sixλxis forum moderator on June 16th 2019

10$ June 2019 :-)

user icon Anonymous on July 25th 2019

long long time ago
I found yours products in the Polish Computer Magazine
Since that time I'm still used /time to time/ for 10years!!! - yours cursor&icon editor ;))))
I have never encountered anything as simple and power-usefull

user icon Anonymous on February 27th



user icon Anonymous on April 20th

Just finished using this software to mirror some cursors for proper left-handed use. $20 and cheers!

user icon Ka-BOOMs registered user on June 18th

Awesome Software! I would definitely donate if I wasn't currently in debt! :-(

user icon creativity_crew registered user on August 17th

Hey is it possible to make your website secure by adding the https:// ?? It would be very helpful! Love the site and so glad that we are able to upload and download cursors!! :-D

user icon Anonymous
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