RealWorld Cursor Editor licenses

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RealWorld Cursor Editor license

You MAY use RealWorld Cursor Editor free of charge for any commercial and non-commercial purpose.

You may NOT do evil things with RealWorld Cursor Editor. Evil things include, but are not limited to: promotion of racism, software patents, extreme religion or totalitarian organizations, cyberbullying, or spamming.

Questions about donations

It is free. Why should I pay?
Software is never complete. It needs to be updated to work with newer Windows, emerging devices like tablets with touchscreens instead of mice.

While the application is free to use, it still costs the authors significant amount of time and money to create, maintain and distribute.

What's the relation to RealWorld Paint?
RealWorld Cursor Editor and RealWorld Paint share a lot of functionality. Donating to either of them helps both. Donation to RealWorld Paint will be used to improve general image editing functionality. Donation to RealWorld Cursor Editor will be used to add more cursor-specific features.

Why don't you pursue alternative income sources?
Because I do not think it is a good idea to get a bit of money and in exchange lower the user experience. RealWorld Cursor Editor will never offer you to install yet another useless browser toolbar.

Are there other ways to help?
Yes, there are multiple ways how to influence the future of RealWorld Cursor Editor. You can create quality cursors and add them to the online library for others to use, help with translation of the application, introduce it to other people via your blog, FaceBook, Twitter or other social media system.

How to donate

You can support the application by sending a donation via the PayPal system:


An alternative way is to send Bitcoins to address: 1LzEFHEsVPSxyW7DxRHqViXTRTFYB8vdvQ

Monthly donations

62.5 USD
125 USD

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user icon GuitarZaan00 registered user on December 27th 2012

Thanks for a great application. :-)

user icon Anonymous on January 19th 2013

sorry cant donate im a teenager without a credit card

user icon Anonymous on January 25th 2013

não sei usar o cursor que fis :-(

user icon Anonymous on April 30th 2013

love you thanks iw ill donate when

user icon Anonymous on May 16th 2013

thank you for your great software. I think I can help you financially after college. ;-)

user icon Anonymous on June 30th 2013


user icon Anonymous on July 6th 2013

Great App! Sorry But I Cannot Donate, My Dad Says He Is Low On Money. I Am A Computer Whizzkid. Sorry... :-(

user icon maggien registered user on September 15th 2013

I will donate if and when I can complete something, so far i can't do anything :-) as I'm a complete novice :-( but it's a awesome programme!!!!

user icon Anonymous on January 11th

thanks for great sftw thank q very much bro. :-)

user icon Anonymous on January 30th

I made an animated cursor in minutes! Cool!

user icon Anonymous