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RealWorld Cursor Editor 2023.1 released

Released on May 13th 2023.

Version 2023.1 improves support for large cursors and new cursor roles introduced in Windows 10 and 11, adds new wizards and allows using vector layers when creating cursors.

Change list:

  • Customize cursors Windows uses for selecting users and locations.
  • Better support for cursors with a large number of images and with larger images.
  • Cursors with large images are saved using PNG compression to decrease file size.
  • Vector layers can be used when designing cursors.
  • Morph command allows generating intermediate frames. If vector layers are used, object shapes and colors are interpolated.
  • ... and other enhancements from RealWorld Paint.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1 released

Released on July 10th 2013. Old version archive.

This version of RWCE contains some changes introduced in RealWorld Paint 2013.1, including redesigned color picker, drawing tools and effect windows.

There are also changes directly related to cursors:

  • When selecting cursor sizes in various places of the application, a text field with one or more sizes in pixels and a dropdown menu with standard options is used.
  • Improved support for Linux XCursor files. When opening a xcursor file, all resolutions are imported and the cursor can also be saved. The code was moved to a plug-in that can be installed from the online page.
  • Function that uploads cursor to the cursor library is now more user friendly. Users must log in before uploading a cursor. After a successful upload, a link to a web page with the cursor is displayed. Obviously flawed cursors can not be uploaded anymore.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2012.1

Released on March 1st 2012. Old version archive.

This version adds support for animated GIFs and can convert animated cursors to animated GIFs (or PNGs) for web publishing or vice versa. The built-in optimizer produces high quality yet small GIF files.

Another new and unique feature is proper support for Windows 7 multi-resolution cursors. The user interface of the editor was adjusted to allow comfortable editing and application of effects

New features

  • Image editing tweaks - new stuff from RealWorld Paint including improved layer style user interface, image brush or downloadable media packs.
  • Animation editor - instead of plain image editor, the application harbors an animation editor that allows you to prepare your images and animations before converting them to cursors.
  • Improved image to cursor conversion - allows you to pick multiple images/animations to convert to (a single) cursor.
  • Windows 7 multi-res cursors - open/edit/save animated cursors with multiple images comfortably.
  • New wizards - a couple of wizards allows you to generate and customize animated cursors, add animated fire effect or spin your cursor.
  • Animated GIF and PNG - import and export your animations in standard formats for web publishing.
  • Simplified effect application - applying effects on multiple frames/images/layers is now possible for all effects in a consistent way.
  • And more...

Known problems

  • An attempt to open 63 windows simultaneously hangs the application.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2009.1

Released on August 31st 2009. Old version archive.

This version got updates from Paint.COM and it now supports layers in both the image editor and the cursor editor. The editor does not differentiate between static and animated cursors anymore. The 3D module was removed and it will be available as a separated download later.

The application remains available under a freeware license.

New features

  • Layer support - create raster images with layers or cursors with layers.
  • Arbitrary selections - select regions and apply effects to them.
  • Languages - application can be translated to any language.
  • Smart file type handling - .cur, .ani and, .rcu file types are used as needed.
  • Redesigned wizards - faster to use due to modeless configuration windows.
  • Animation preview window - animation preview window capable of adjusting cursor hot spot.
  • Portable version - works on Win2000, WinXP, Vista, Win7.
  • Extensibility (SDK available) - people can create plug-ins.
  • And more...

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2007.1

Released on October 14th 2007. Old version archive.

This version features a redesigned raster editor with many improvements. The editor can display an image at arbitrary (non-integral) zoom, drawn shapes do not need to start and end on pixel boundaries and filters can be applied by executing mouse gestures.

The cursor and image editor is distributed as freeware for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. An optional shareware module for 3D cursor authoring' is available.

The software is fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista and supports high-DPI modes.

New features

  • Polygon drawing tool - draw filled polygons.
  • Dashed lines and polylines - configure the dash lengths using dashes and spaces (--- -- - ).
  • Gradient and pattern fill - use directional, radial or angular gradients or choose from predefined patterns when filling shapes.
  • New and improved image filters - the drop shadow and convolution-based filters are now faster and more user friendly.
  • Animated cursor format adjustments - smooth resize or crop frames.
  • Animated cursors from image strips - helps when converting CursorXP files to normal cursors.
  • Import Linux cursors - get access to thousands of cursors available in XCursor format.
  • Customize currently used cursors - quickly change cursor from main menu or from a dedicated page.
  • Redo - redo any number of undone actions.
  • Better image filters - faster and with more options.
  • Raster editor redesign - edit tools improved, mouse gestures added.
  • 3D module - optional module for 3D modeling and conversion to images and cursors.
  • Plug-in manager - utility able to reset configuration and enable or disable external plug-ins. Create your own plug-ins with RealWolrd SDK.
  • And more...

Known problems

  • Windows 64-bit: Conversion between different color depths is slower.
  • Combination of texture and material is interpreted differently in OpenGL a raytracing rendering device. Implementation in OpenGL may be altered in future versions.
  • An attempt to open 63 windows simultaneously hangs the application.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2006.1

Released on June 17th 2006. Old version archive.

The first version of Cursor Editor is capable of:

  • Static cursor editing - add/remove color depths.
  • Animated cursor editing - add/remove/reorder frames, optimize duplicate frames.
  • Image to cursor conversion - select cursor type, size and color depth.
  • Upload to cursor library - and share your work with others.
  • Drawing tools - pencil, lines, curves, ellipses, rectangles, floodfill, dropper, projected shadow.
  • Image filters - drop shadow, rotate, perspective, colorize, shift hue, shapen, soften, blur.
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