Cursor Set - Blue Glow 222

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Blue Glow 222 Cursors

Blue Glow 222
  • Published on December 8th 2019 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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The Blue Glow 222 cursor set is here. I am planning on creating only three cursor sets in the 222 family. This is my second 222 cursor set. It looks very nice and original. Stay tuned for the third and final one. It is coming near you very soon.

For the Busy cursor, I have created a 24 hour clock which has 24 frames. The same goes for the Working In Background cursor set. The unavailable cursor set only has 12 frames because I cannot get any more than the maximum of 13 frames, so to made everything even. I had to cut down 24 by 2 to get 12 frames.

The Unavailable cursor is made with an animated cursor wheel. Then I have added a hand drawn diagonal rectangle inside it to give it an effect of an Unavailable cursor role. It is superb the way this cursor looks like with its semi-detached diagonal "NO" symbol. The animated cursor wheel is suitable for this cursor type because it adds lots of pizzazz to the appearance of this cursor. If the cursor was static, it would be boring and too common for the Unavailable cursor. The animated version of this cursor role is so much better and unique. It brings fun to it.

The originality of this cursor set comes from the long tails that the pointers have and the long arm of the Link Select hand cursor. The length of the pointer tails and hand cursor arm are set to the maximum possible length to achieve the best look.

The hand cursor was very hard to make, but I got there in the end. I had to use an online png image template to be able to create a perfect outline for the hand cursor. Then, I did some editing by adding dark blue inside the hand cursor and light blue for the surrounding line that gives this particular set a glow effect. Lastly, the final touch to the Link Select cursor was to extend its arm so that it properly fits in with the rest of the mouse pointer cursors. The whole set has a light blue outline glow effect.

Long tail cursors are very rare, so I have decided to create my own one using my imagination. This is the first time that I see a Link Select cursor with a long arm.

This cursor set is quite big with a canvas size of 64x64 pixels in size. If you are using Windows XP or later, this cursor set should look clear without any anti-aliasing problems.

Please don't forget to like, rate, comment, subscribe and post good feedback about this cursor set. Enjoy!

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user icon Anonymous on May 23rd 2020

Blue cursor makes a long tail

user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 10th 2020

The long tail is what makes this cursor set differ from all the other ones I made.

user icon Anonymous on February 1st 2021

i like it :-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on February 2nd 2021

That's good.

user icon Anonymous on March 5th 2021

Big enough so I won't squint any more. Thanks for thinking of us squinters!

user icon RIDDLER registered user on March 6th 2021

It is big enough.

user icon Anonymous on March 10th 2021

some of the cursors or a bit long if you can make them a bit shorter let me know..

user icon RIDDLER registered user on March 10th 2021

This cursor set is intended to have long tails. I wont make them shorter.

user icon ARGs registered user on January 19th 2022

5 out of 5 stars.

This is a positively great cursor. Especially with the link cursor. I like this set.


user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 20th 2022

All my cursors are positive. They are good and makes proper sense along with the description I have written above.

user icon Anonymous