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Teal Cursors

  • Published on April 9th 2018 by .
  • Released under the Free Art (copyleft) license.
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A teal set like this one does not exist on this site. You are more than welcome to download and enjoy using my 15 cursor teal set.

Tags: Windows XP ■ Blue



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Recent reviews and comments

user icon RIDDLER registered user on April 9th 2018

Teal cursor set. Come and get it now.

user icon Vlazteron registered user on November 13th 2019

5 out of 5 stars.

Cool, but the unavailable looks like it lost its color. You planned to make that or just is an expression of it?

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 13th 2019

I am not too sure why the unavailable cursor set looks like that. However, I believe that some colors were lost after saving this cursor set. I know that this color glitch kind of breaks the normal theme color of this cursor set, but there is nothing that I can do to fix that. Sorry for the inconvenience. You have to get used to it.

This was not my plan, and it wasn't meant to be any expression of this cursor. This is just lost color information after saving like when you have a gif file that uses custom colors.

user icon Vlazteron registered user on November 14th 2019

5 out of 5 stars.

Oh, ok.

user icon Vlazteron registered user on November 30th 2019

5 out of 5 stars.

I like this set, because the color is very rare. Also, just askin'. Why the Diagonal Resize 1 cursor looks a bit weird in it's angle?

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 30th 2019

Yeah, this color is very rare. The Diagonal Resize 1 is a bit offset. I do not know why. It it still usable. No problem. Sometimes when you draw a cursor it is offset by a few pixels that's why it looks strange.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 10th 2020

Teal must be one of the rarest colors out there. If I am missing a color, please let me know, and I will upload the corresponding color of the classic Windows XP set by re-coloring the set accordingly.

user icon Anonymous on November 29th 2020

Gente, baixem esse cursor aqui , ele é muito bom !

é sério ele é muito bom ;-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 29th 2020

This Delta Neon Orange set is brilliant.

user icon Anonymous