Cursor Set - Brown Chestnut Wood

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Brown Chestnut Wood Cursors

Brown Chestnut Wood
  • Published on January 16th 2020 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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I have created this superb "Brown Chestnut Wood" cursor set which is based on the texture of dark chestnut wood timber. To create this texture effect, first, I had to download a wooden chestnut timber floor effect from Google images. Then I imported that wood texture image to RealWorld Cursor Editor and saved it as an RCU (raster layered file) in my Documents folder.

When I created this template, I imported the wooden texture as the background raster layer of the RCU cursor file. After that, I created another blank raster layer above the wooden background texture so that I could draw out the cursors on top of the raster background layer. Finally, I removed all the pixels that were outside of all of the cursors, and both inside and outside for the Unavailable cursor role.

To make all of the cursor roles have proper looking borders, I had to re-draw all the cursor borders using the black pencil tool. This was very carefully and neatly done pixel by pixel only using the pencil tool and using black coloring.

The hotspots were the easiest of all to position correctly. To make the arrow cursors, I first created the "Vertical Resize" cursor role, then flipped it horizontal to save me time and saved it as a "Horizontal Resize" cursor role. I did the same thing twice for the diagonal cursor roles. I freely rotated them at 45 degrees to match both opposite diagonal corners of the canvas. You may think that this manoeuvre was very hard, but in fact it is easier than you think when you know how to properly navigate the build-in tools of RealWorld Cursor Editor.

This cursor set is 32x32 pixel in size, but still that required me quite a lot of work to create. I hope you like this wood effect cursor set.

When it comes to uploading cursors on the RealWorld website, I first upload all my cursor roles one by one on my cursor junkyard, and name them, then I assign their proper cursor roles names (real names), and input the title of the cursor set in the description checkbox like this one. I also add the real name of the cursor role on the first cell. When everything has been uploaded, I create a cursor set and add all my junkyard cursor roles that belong in the same set to an online cursor collection called a "cursor set". I add all the details such as the cursor set's name, identifier, description, license, and of course all the cursors belonging to the set. Lastly, I click on OK to create the new cursor set. If I ever need to modify a cursor role to fix a hotspot or edit the name and description, I click on the modify button. Its as simple as that. Once you know how to do it, it becomes very easy.

Important Information - please read it thoroughly.

I have a very important statement to make before I end my speech. If you use RealWorld Cursor Editor, please contact the author or creator on this RealWorld website and ask that person to update the RealWorld Cursor Editor application because it is many years out of date. This program is from 2013, so that makes this application seven years old, which is far too old for a cursor builder software. By the way, Windows 10 19H1 and above have two additional cursor roles. They are "Person" and "Location" cursor roles. The RealWorld Cursor Editor application must be updated to support all seventeen cursor role wizards so that users can create cursors on the fly with predefined cursor wizard settings like they usually do with the mouse pointer and animated cursor wheel. All those new features are required, so if you are reading my description here, please don't be afraid to contact the person that created the RealWorld Cursor Editor software application and ask him or her to update this program with all the cursor role wizards and many other cool tools that you could have in mind that would improve this software.

Thank you so much for reading and understanding.

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user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 16th 2020

Need a wooden texture cursor set. Here it is. Download it whenever you need. If you can please send me a gift to congratulate me for all the hard work I put to create this cursor set.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 18th 2020

I like wooden textures.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 18th 2020

Me too. I made them for everyone to enjoy, including you. I will make more wooden textured cursors when they come to mind for something really cool.

user icon Anonymous on May 17th 2020

Wooden textures are good

user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 10th 2020

Yes they are. Thanks. I came up with something new and hope to do so for the foreseeable future.

user icon Anonymous on January 3rd 2021


user icon RIDDLER registered user on January 3rd 2021


user icon RIDDLER registered user on February 2nd 2021

There's noise in the wood texture. That's nice and its suppose to be there.

user icon rosecandy22 registered user on March 10th 2022

5 out of 5 stars.

love it

user icon RIDDLER registered user on March 11th 2022


user icon Anonymous