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Delta-Gold Cursors

  • Published on May 17th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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I have found a fantastic gold cursor set on the DeviantArt website which has this true gold cursor set with embossed rounded borders. I welcome you the Delta-Gold cursor set. This cursor set is truly gold, with the exception of the Precision Select and Text Select cursors being in a different color. This cursor set was made by a "DeviantArt user" called TEC-1. I am sure that many of you will appreciate this gold cursor set because it is truly beautiful. Visit the original link below:

A full set of Windows cursors, including 2 animated cursors:


To install “Delta-Gold” mouse pointers:

1. Unzip “” and extract to a folder.
2. Open “Control Panel > Mouse” and select “Pointers” tab.
3. Under “Scheme” choose “Delta-Gold”.
4. It is recommended to uncheck the “Enable pointer shadow” option because the cursors have a predefined shadow. Please note that you may keep this shadow option turned on if you wish.
5. Click on the "Apply" button, then press the “OK” button to finish.

Please note and be aware that this Delta-Gold cursor set does not come with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update themed cursor roles such as the Location Select and the Person Select cursor roles. Those were requested by me and another user, but no action was taken to add those two missing cursor roles. If those cursor roles are ever added, I will also add them to this existing cursor set.

Gold cursors are very captivating and fascinating at the same time. That is the reason why I have decided to share it here for you to quickly find and download. I took me hours of browsing just to find this downloadable working version of this Delta-Gold cursor set. There are other website that offers this cursor set for download, but this files are not normal .cur or .ani cursor extensions. That means that there are issues when wanting to install this cursor set. However, the good new is that I have managed to find this cursor set and upload it here on the RealWorld website for everyone to enjoy.

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user icon Anonymous on July 19th 2021

Good! This is a windows xp gold cursors! Great!!....

user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 19th 2021

Yeah, this is a true gold cursor set.

user icon Anonymous on July 19th 2021

Delta-gold does not appear in the scheme.
Where and how should I unzip it?

user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 20th 2021

You need to unzip this Delta Gold cursor set to a folder. Any folder will do. Then go to your Additional Mouse Settings and change the pointers on the Pointers tab. Browse for each of the cursors in the set.

user icon Anonymous on September 23rd 2021

woah dude im using this in school so i can brag to my students lol

user icon RIDDLER registered user on September 23rd 2021

Go ahead and brag your students at school with this cool gold cursor set. I have more gold cursor sets available on my profile.

user icon Anonymous on May 22nd 2022

Gosh i love this.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on May 23rd 2022

I am glad that you like those Delta-Gold cursors so much. I also like and appreciate them very much.

user icon Anonymous on March 24th

ai meu cool

user icon RIDDLER registered user on March 24th

3D gold cursors like those one in this set are amazing. I wish there were more sets similar to this one made on DeviantArt.

user icon Anonymous