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Yellow like the sun or the desert.

Gold Orb TeaserGold Orb Cursors
by dwaxe8165I found the first pointer from my friend, improved it, and then make ...
Gold Rank Insignia TeaserGold Rank Insignia Icons
by Doc1487These rank insignia designs are used mainly by Merchant Marine, Polic...
Gold Numerals TeaserGold Numerals Icons
by Doc1623If you have multiple versions of the same application, why strain you...
Triad TeaserTriad Cursors
by DubDip998
Discrete TeaserDiscrete Cursors
by Vlasta2749A complete set of cursors for Windows created in RealWorld Cursor Edi...
Lemon Yellow TeaserLemon Yellow Cursors
by Daniel W.797I have added a matching wallpaper for this set onto my website here: ...
Halo 3 Ranks TeaserHalo 3 Ranks Icons
by sixλxis899All the matchmaking ranks from Halo 3. From Recruit to 5-Star General...
Highlighted 3D-Bronze TeaserHighlighted 3D-Bronze Cursors
by cimofj25003Hightlighted 3D-Bronze a little smaller, but more visible
Princess's Jewellery TeaserPrincess's Jewellery Icons
by Sirea687A princess must not only have a fancy dress, but also proper jeweller...
3d Golden Arrow Point Teaser3d Golden Arrow Point Cursors
by winger1071Several 3d golden arrow points created while searching for the perfec...
Flowing Rainbow Gold TeaserFlowing Rainbow Gold Cursors
by winger1749These are a lot like Rainbow Gold, but the transparent rainbow center...
Blue Sapphires In Gold TeaserBlue Sapphires In Gold Cursors
by winger2934These are made from pictures of real Kashmir Blue sapphires.
Gold Coins TeaserGold Coins Cursors
by Sirea362Inspired by a very hot weather.
Gemstone Sampler in Gold TeaserGemstone Sampler in Gold Cursors
by winger1037All real stones with no color alteration.
glowing yello Teaserglowing yello Cursors
by bouderbabari1603good
Emoticons TeaserEmoticons Icons
by JDDellGuy675A set of icons to be used as emoticons around the site. Add them to ...
Blue-yellow TeaserBlue-yellow Cursors
by Sirea650Complete cursor set in dark blue-yellow style. Inspired by summer color.
Little Chicken TeaserLittle Chicken Cursors
by Sirea1589Easter chicken complete cursor set with Little Chicken from Eggs icons.
Chicken TeaserChicken Icons
by Sirea590Upgraded version of little chicken.
Emoticons II TeaserEmoticons II Icons
by JDDellGuy1938The improved Emoticon icons that I am working on. They are much shar...
Throb TeaserThrob Cursors
by Daniel W.1040Throbbing gold cursors I have added a matching wallpaper for this set...
Abstract Sun TeaserAbstract Sun Icons
by Sirea509Abstract icon set with Sun theme. JDDellGuy: Thanks for this idea.
Orange Juice TeaserOrange Juice Cursors
by Panovola333Orange juice cursors made by me! My first set!
Windows Taco TeaserWindows Taco Cursors
by Ricon220P.S. I know these may be a bit blurry, so please don't complain about...
Gold Galoo TeaserGold Galoo Cursors
by ZeloZelos1804The Gold Galoo set (ga-lou). Not sure where I got the name, but its a...
Silver Cross TeaserSilver Cross Cursors
by Dzar694"A silver crossbow that has been enchanted with holy properties." Edi...
Fluttershy TeaserFluttershy Cursors
by Sullindir1389The second of the Mane 6, I had Winter Wrap-Up in mind for most of th...
Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Dancing Banana) TeaserPeanut Butter Jelly Time (Dancing Banana) Cursors
by Virum6410krsrc/madeinfrance.png Dancing Banana cursor set from the video "Peanu...
Spongebob Squarepants TeaserSpongebob Squarepants Cursors
by Virum646696rsrc/madeinfrance.png Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongeb...
Smiley TeaserSmiley Cursors
by Virum641368rsrc/madeinfrance.png Bored of your black and white arrow on your com...
Danger TeaserDanger Cursors
by Vojife2408I had no idea how to name this poor cursor set, so I named it "Danger...
Punteros rayo TeaserPunteros rayo Cursors
by Matias021187Punteros en forma de rayo. Pleace download or comment :) Por favor de...
Alien TeaserAlien Cursors
by Matias02111256Un alien con sable láser. Alien with a lightsaber. Pleace download o...
Mutant Mudds TeaserMutant Mudds Cursors
by Virum64463rsrc/madeinfrance.png Mutant Mudds is a Nintendo 3DS game available i...
Pizza TeaserPizza Cursors
by SYNTHCRO473Cursors that look like pizza!
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