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Krystall Cursors

  • Published on February 15th 2016 by .
  • Released under the NonCommercial Usage Only (CC nc) license.
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These were from Deviant Art. Change Cursor is compatible with this set.

Tags: ■ Red ■ Yellow ■ Green ■ Blue


by The Muffin Man

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user icon cdl contributing user on October 29th 2016

This set is indeed from Dievant Art.

Krystall CS by apbaron.

There is the link for anyone that still thinks Nibbler created these cursors just because he is acting as if he did and accepting compliments on the work.

Although the creator, apbaron, did not bother to list license terms it is not proper for you to post his cursors here. The upload pages clearly state that you must be the owner or copyright holder in order to upload material to the RW website. There are reasons for that.

Aside from a clear violation to RW guidelines for uploading material to the website it is highly unethical to pretend as if you created cursors you did not and accept compliments for work you did not do. You should endeavor to remind those individuals that do not notice or understand your vague set description that the work is not your own every time and you should always offer a link to the original content with the author's name.

If you do not make it clear that these cursors were not created by yourself you are attempting to fool people into thinking that the artwork is your own which it is not.

Why are you making me have to look up sets you clearly did not create?
Why are you wasting my time?
Why are you uploading work you did not create?
Why are you disregarding RW rules and guidelines?

  • You do need to stop posting other people's work as your own.

FYI: When someone creates a digital work of art it becomes copyrighted immediately. The author has nothing more to do, he owns the art as the creator.

icon-image/7559-48x48x32.png image

user icon The Muffin Man registered user on October 31st 2016

Questions I answered.
(1) icon-image/14470-16x16x32.png image
(2) What does that have to do with this conversation?
(3) To make users get downloads without using Ultra Surf to go to the blocked website.
(4) icon-image/14470-16x16x32.png image

user icon cdl contributing user on October 31st 2016

You are not answering any question I posed.
You are, once again, avoiding the subject at hand entirely while offering excuses for your misdeeds.

In RealWorld Graphics you are not permitted to upload material for which you are not the owner or copyright holder.

How much clearer do you need that to be?

Stop uploading work you did not create and do not hold the copyright for.
Stop taking credit for work you did not do.

Your behavior is inappropriate for a RW member.

user icon The Muffin Man registered user on October 31st 2016

I will remind you when I deleted this set.

user icon achamo registered user on September 26th 2017

1.5 out of 5 stars.

This is a nice cursor set, but I feel like this is yet again another set that you plagiarized. I would appreciate this if you would delete all of your plagiarized sets. CDL and I want them gone.

user icon JeffTheCreepyCreeper registered user on October 11th 2017

5 out of 5 stars.


user icon JeffTheCreepyCreeper registered user on October 11th 2017

5 out of 5 stars.


user icon cdl contributing user on October 13th 2017

Well JeffTheCreepyCreeper you might want to look up the word "plagiarize".

The uploader of this set is not the creator of the set.
Zykediate's comment had nothing to do with the quality or appearance of the set.

icon-image/7559-48x48x32.png image

user icon Pizzachu22 registered user on December 19th 2017

1) (In your own case) To see that Muffin DID "plagarize" these cursors
2) Cursor shopping is waste of everyone's time
3) Dude it's not like you can download .cur cursors from deviantart.
4) shut up.
If you don't like it, don't reply to the creators posts with "well they STOLE this and they didn't give credit and I like to go against people looking for cool cursors because Apparently I'M something special"

user icon cdl contributing user on December 22nd 2017

Because you are new to RW Pizzachu22 I would suggest that you not speak to that which you have no knowledge of.

The Gallery Guidelines clearly state:


Important: if you are using images, icons, or cursors downloaded from the internet in your set, you must have permission of the author and you must reference the original author in the set description. If you repeatedly pretend that you are the author of someone's icons or cursors, your account will be disabled.

user icon Anonymous