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Gallery quality guidelines

The front page of the icon and cursor gallery is a special place displaying the latest and greatest sets.

In order to appear in the "Latest art" section on the front page, a set must fulfill all quality guidelines.

If your recently added set is not visible on the front page, please read the following possible problems.

Not reviewed

The library moderator did not have the time to look at your new set.

What to do: Please wait a bit. Also, try to make future sets as good as possible so that your new sets do not require a moderator review.


Although there is the minimum amount of 3 icons or cursors per set. This a just a technical requirement, because the set preview images contain 3 images. A proper set should contain more than 3 items. In optimal case a cursor set should have a cursor for every of the 17 roles.

What to do: Add more icons or cursors to the set.


Name and description may not be shiny, but they are an important part of a set. People using the search function will only find your set if it contains the searched words in its name or description.

If you are having trouble with English, you can describe your set in your native language and add "[translate]" somewhere in the description. The moderators will translate the description for you.

What to do: Make sure the name is descriptive capitalizing first letter of each word. Make the description longer and relevant.


The actual icons and cursors must not have trivial faults. They should not look as if the author was just playing with the editor while making them. The most common problems are:

  • Incorrect cursor hot spot - the small crosshair drawn behind your cursor is in the wrong place.
  • Jagged edges - if you have converted an image that is too small to a Vista icon, the 256x256 image may have jagged edges. Do not include 256x256 image in your icons if your source image is not big enough.

What to do: There are not many options. Try making a better versions of the icons or cursors in the set and replace the bad ones.


All items in a cursor or icon set should share similar theme and style. Putting random things together is not enough.

What to do: Remove icons/cursors from the set - add other that are related to the remaining ones. Possibly split the set into multiple ones.


If icons or cursors in your set are similar to those made by someone else or they are a simple conversion of something that is in the public domain, and sets created with the wizards in the cursor editor that contain little original content will be marked as insufficiently original.

Important: if you are using images, icons, or cursors downloaded from the internet in your set, you must have permission of the author and you must reference the original author in the set description. If you repeatedly pretend that you are the author of someone's icons or cursors, your account will be disabled.

What to do: Try different approach - make use of your creativity when drawing icons or cursors to add a personal touch.

Mature content

While mature content is not banned, it is offending to some of the web site visitors. It will not appear on the front pages of the libraries.

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