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  • Published on March 23rd 2016 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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A fun, Legacy cursorFX set from 2008 converted for windows. Modified some animations and roles for user enjoyment.

Credit: Chuckeye

Have fun & enjoy!

Tags: 3D Sci-fi Weapon □ Multicolored


by AJaxx

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 24th 2016

Since the CursorFX themes usually use bigger images, I wonder how much additional work it would take if you included the 48x48 versions that Windows 7 and up uses when people set their screen resolution to 150% or more. Just a thought.

user icon AJaxx registered user on March 24th 2016

@Vlasta: Let me check in RWCursor Editor to see how the images render using the change size - 32,48 - win7 option. Note: The images come with a predetermined image/canvas size. Usually, they won't cursorfy directly and if they do, the images are too small as cursors. I use RWPaint to make any mods and animate any PNG strips, save them to rli/rri format and then cusorfy them to 32x32.

All that being said, let me know which sets need [32,48 - win7] option and I'll try to make it happen.


Ok, the option won't work on the cursors that are set for 32x32. The image becomes blurred when I re-sample/crop. I would have to start from the original canvas, run it through RWPaint (animate PNG strips) saving at original size and then cursorfy it with the [32, 48 - win7] option, creating a new set. It would take some time and work. I think a problem may arise for 32x32 due to the cursor rendering too small?

I'll try it with a set and note the results...

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 24th 2016

Yes, if the strip is already containing 32x32 frames, then there is no point using 32+48, but I think it is worth a try to keep the original size during the preparation for possible future set.

user icon AJaxx registered user on March 24th 2016

I would have to make to make 2 sets. The 32x32 is too small when rendering the original image(s) in [32,48- win7] format. For win10 users like me, we would lose most of image detail to sizing issues. I would probably upload them as two different sets as not to confuse anyone more than is necessary. Would it show the double cursors (32,48-win7) when previewed here?

I think I figured out a way to make it work by modifying the canvas size before cursorfying it. For the most part...

I posted a set in [32,48 - win7] format.

user icon P1XEL registered user on December 1st 2017

5 out of 5 stars.

Totally AWESOME!!!

user icon Melissa517 registered user on January 11th

5 out of 5 stars.

That is just way tooooo cool! 8-)

user icon Anonymous