Cursor Set - Never-Lost Rainbow

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Never-Lost Rainbow Cursors

Never-Lost Rainbow
  • Published on October 25th 2007 by Kelinmiriel.
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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This is a fairly complete set of 25 cursors designed to be easy to spot on any background. They're all animated, in rainbow colors, most with outlines of black and white.

Standard Windows pointers are tiny and easy to lose on a 1600x1200 monitor, and standard "large" Windows pointers are ugly. This is the first time I've created mouse pointers. I included some of my earlier versions as alternates. "Alternates" are not quite as highly visible, except for the "busy" cursor.

When Microsoft decided 32x32 was a good maximum size for cursors, and made their standard cursors smaller than maximum, screen resolutions were lower, and they were big enough. Not any more.

I wanted to share this set online for others with high screen resolutions who have the same problem I did, and these may also be useful for people with vision problems. Also to thank RealWorld Graphics for providing this nice free editor -- I didn't want to buy one, when I only intended to make this one set.

Update 1: Added 04c (busy) with semi-transparent grey in empty parts of the hourglass instead of completely transparent.

Update 2: Added 03a (work background) with semi-transparent fill in hourglass, like 04c.

Thank you, RealWorld! Hope somebody finds these useful.


by Kelinmiriel

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user icon Anonymous on March 19th 2023


user icon Anonymous on March 21st 2023

Nice rainbow cursors

They are so cool

user icon Anonymous on May 1st 2023

gay cursors :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

user icon Anonymous on May 27th 2023

ara ara

user icon Anonymous on August 4th 2023

very cool mashala baklava |-) 8-)

user icon Anonymous on November 23rd 2023


user icon Kelinmiriel registered user on January 16th

I am sorry I can't add the missing cursors. The website lost my original account, so I made a new one. I've tried repeatedly to get them to link me back to the old one, but they won't even answer me.

I didn't make those other cursors originally because I didn't know what they were for, so I didn't know how to make good ones. (I still don't, but I can probably figure something out and post a new, more complete set when I get a chance.)

I'm really happy that people are still finding them useful 17 years later, omg! :-D

I'm thinking of making a set of them for Linux, because I'll be getting a new computer in the next few months and switching to Linux. I'll have to post it somewhere else; this site doesn't do Linux. These DO work on Win 11 though; I've tested them.

My personal favorites among the ones that have alternates are the "b" versions, except 1 (select) and 4 (busy); I use the "c". But I like people to have choices. :-)


user icon Anonymous on January 29th

Oh wow thanks for creating them! I really wished that win11 would allow more cusrsors to be customized, like the "grab" that browsers use and the "cell" select that Excel uses, for example. It is always kinda jarring to see the cursor change to a different type, and it cant be changed easily.

user icon Anonymous on March 21st


user icon Anonymous on March 29th

this is so cool arigatoo!

user icon Anonymous