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Vlasta (2007-10-25 00:00:00):

There are indeed people with limited vision (I have received a couple of questions regarding cursors from one of them some time ago) and they will find the set very useful. Nice work.

Unknown author (2008-07-24 00:00:00):

holy geez i think im gonna have a seizure! 10/10!

luckydice (2008-07-26 00:00:00 / 5 stars):

It is all amazing! Very good! I haven't seen anything like this!

luckydice (2008-07-26 00:00:00):

Make some more, too!

Unknown author (2009-03-08 08:46:24):

luv the trippy one - square busy - 7th down
can u make it spin?
or if u can make a colorful down the drain version of that sweeeet

brianjayy (2009-05-18 22:58:08 / 5 stars):

This is the best cursor I've ever seen...I'm always checking out new ones, but always leave Never-Lost Rainbow as my default cursor...you can't lose this baby on the screen... :-)
Great work...!!!

sixλxis (2010-02-09 19:27:12 / 3.5 stars):

Good concept and origin of idea.


lenon (2011-02-09 14:49:13 / 1 stars):

not good the cursor is without handwrating and without alternate select
is worst cursor |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-)

Unknown author (2011-07-25 23:30:54):

@lenon just because it doesn't have TWO BARELY USED cursors doesn't mean it is the worst cursor, jerk

Unknown author (2011-10-17 19:53:50):

awesome! just what I needed.

Matias0211 (2012-03-16 23:44:10 / 5 stars):


Muy buenos :-)

Acá tu puntaje!

Nintendo (2012-04-09 04:23:35 / 5 stars):

awesome the shapes are easy to make but the colors inside the shapes are very hard good job and lenon don't be a jerk just because he didnt include 2 cursors to make all these it was hard enough

Unknown author (2012-05-29 21:21:11):

Lenon, calm down!

Unknown author (2012-09-01 06:02:14):

stupuid lennon, lol, this is the best cursor ever, no one even uses the cursors you use, dinosaur |-)

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-09-03 05:55:35 / 5 stars):

That is some good animation!


Unknown author (2012-09-06 04:01:33):

BEAUTIFUL...THANK ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-O 8-) | -)

Unknown author (2012-11-01 16:01:26):

I use & share - great for people who lose their cursors on a regular basis - Luv them! - Techkind

cdl (2013-01-03 04:33:24 / 5 stars):

Great large cursor set!
Some like them small and some like them large!
Pity you only have the one set.. icon-image/6387-64x64x32.png image

MsRant (2013-01-12 17:57:12 / 4.5 stars):

Love it! :-).

The reason it's 4.5 - I wish they were bit bigger.


note:I have low vision and finding LARGE mouse cursors is a difficult task. :-(
Microsoft really has no clue and should put more thought into their accessibility features(lame).

Your cursors ROCK!

Unknown author (2013-02-18 00:09:00):

Sweet. Thanks. This is my most favorite cursor set ever!

deadly bro (2013-02-27 02:41:14 / 5 stars):

how did you make that it is soo hard

Unknown author (2013-03-18 23:06:12):

aesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2013-04-18 20:06:55):

that its good

Unknown author (2013-06-03 11:45:31):

good |-)

Spyro (2013-07-23 14:30:08):

Weres The Handwriting :-o

Unknown author (2013-07-24 18:25:40):

Oh my gosh. It is totes RAINBOW!

Unknown author (2013-07-24 19:17:07):


Unknown author (2013-08-05 15:59:15):

Ja mam takie kursory:) :-)

Unknown author (2013-08-21 13:49:17):

5 out of 5

bubbles47 (2013-09-04 03:44:12):

these are great! love the rainbow animations, very nice, thanks :-)

Nightrose123 (2013-10-19 04:37:08):

cool :-)

Unknown author (2013-10-27 21:19:34):

ooh thats awsome :-)

Unknown author (2013-11-06 02:32:03):

where is the Altemate Select?

Unknown author (2013-12-11 10:57:38):

This is so cooooooooooooool NOT |-) :-o

Unknown author (2013-12-26 18:13:24):

I am in love with rainbow and just got a new laptop.... LETS START THE RAINBOWFYING :-D :-D

Unknown author (2014-01-03 06:33:11):

you mist handwriting ;-)

Unknown author (2014-01-14 11:44:49):

they are so cool :-D

Unknown author (2014-01-15 14:40:02):

how do you use them ;-)

Unknown author (2014-03-26 14:20:26):

I love those cursors, i have vision problems and those i see much better than standard Windows cursors. I have request can you make even bigger please?

Unknown author (2014-06-16 09:05:03):

They are so cool and The are not downloading for me and on the computer.I am in love with rainbow and just got a new laptop.... LETS START THE RAINBOW FYING. On my laptop is dose not work and most of the people in my class has them

Unknown author (2014-08-20 20:13:42):


Unknown author (2014-11-04 05:17:54):

sooooooo nice

Unknown author (2015-05-27 11:31:04):

its very i cannot download

i have stupid cursors in WIN XP

Unknown author (2015-07-27 00:10:32):

I love this cursor pack, but it is missing two cursors. You did, notify us so thank you. Otherwise, it is amazing.

Unknown author (2015-08-22 02:19:35):

nice rainbows :-)

Unknown author (2015-10-05 11:08:19):

Good work there, especially that u gave available 2 types of each cursor. Easy to find cursor now. :-)

Unknown author (2015-10-17 23:10:33):

these are awesome

StickyChannel92 (2015-12-08 16:09:24 / 5 stars):

So awesome!

daitalos (2015-12-31 23:51:02 / 4.5 stars):


Unknown author (2016-01-13 10:39:58):

sick :-)

Fluff (2016-02-18 06:52:18):

These make the cursor so much easier to see! I used to lose my cursor loads but now I can find it with ease. this set is made even better by the fact that it's a complete set. Great!

Unknown author (2016-02-28 23:09:25):

love rainbow :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2016-04-10 00:07:59):

Looool so amazing its very cool!! :-D 8-)

Unknown author (2016-06-03 03:44:43):

Very Very cool. Installed on my grandmas laptop. She's 81 and lives facebook!

Unknown author (2016-07-28 07:16:36):


Unknown author (2016-07-30 17:26:06):

me encanto :-D :-D

Unknown author (2016-10-11 20:29:28):

they look really cool but right now they arent working for me.

oh well i have some other cool ones :-(

Unknown author (2016-11-03 01:58:05):

Amazing!! Exactly what I was looking for. I'm using them right now! Thank you!!!!


Unknown author (2016-11-16 16:21:04):

Cool Rainbow Dudeeeeee :-D 8-)

Unknown author (2016-11-25 21:49:28):

BEST CURSOR EVER ;-) :-) :-D 8-)

Censor_Not (2017-01-09 16:51:15 / 5 stars):

Excellent visibility! Thanks! :-)

Unknown author (2017-01-20 18:09:04):

Thanks for this, just please make another thats not animated so it can work with mac, thanks!

Unknown author (2017-01-29 11:26:05):

EPIC 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2017-02-19 18:31:16):

My eyesight is terrible. I needed something to help me track my cursor as I lose it several times a day. This saved me. Thanks so much for making this available and free! I appreciate you <3

Unknown author (2017-03-02 15:49:42):


Unknown author (2017-03-08 06:19:15):


Unknown author (2017-03-12 15:52:24):

ayyyyy you so good :-D

Unknown author (2017-03-30 03:38:01):

awesome!!! :-D

MJHawk (2017-04-12 18:25:08):

Truly NEVER LOST!!! Please make a cursor for the missing handwriting cursor.

Thanks in advance.
Unknown author (2017-05-09 20:18:50):

v. nic

Unknown author (2017-08-04 16:12:21):


Unknown author (2017-09-13 18:59:32):

This is awesome! Thank you! no more lost cursor :-D

Cookiefireman (2017-09-29 00:39:10):

O_O 34816 downloads nice job

Unknown author (2017-12-20 20:11:09):

Truly fantastic work!
Was looking for big, bright animated cursors for my old 55 year old eyes to find in sea of high resolution desktops.
This is now on all my windows boxes!

Unknown author (2017-12-28 00:37:14):

very cool and thanks :-) :-)

Vini e Digo CHANNEL (2018-01-05 15:08:15 / 4 stars):

It is a good set, but haven't all cursors (alternative select), but good work. icon-image/14727-16x16x32.png image

Deadlocked65 (2018-01-07 06:26:50 / 5 stars):

Nice work! The animations are good!

adrenochromedream (2018-02-15 20:45:09 / 5 stars):

nicely done

Unknown author (2018-03-19 19:38:55):


Bob the builder (2018-03-27 18:41:15 / 4.5 stars):

nice, its rainbow and has great animation

Unknown author (2018-04-11 16:58:56):

I've been using these for a couple of years. Have vision issues and they helped a lot. Now have two really large monitors. Would there be a way to make these cursors even bigger?

Unknown author (2018-05-09 03:34:39):

Appreciate it! Keep up with the good work mates!

Abandoned Account (2018-06-24 19:03:50 / 5 stars):

Epic! It Is Really Good!
Pluses: A LOT Of Cursors, More Designs, (Edited) A Lot Of Cursor Types
Minuses: None
My Rating In Percent: 100.00%

Acii_3 (2018-09-11 15:18:16 / 5 stars):

Very Good! I Am Making Something Like This.. It Is Not Same, But It Uses Rainbow Too..

Unknown author (2018-09-21 04:43:23):

:-( How do I apply the cursor tho? I don't know the first thing about computer technology so I don't know how to use this stuff

Unknown author (2018-10-05 16:09:00):

you forgot location select and person select :-o :-( make sure to add it next time, otherwise: 10/10

Ewookie1 (2018-10-30 07:00:42 / 5 stars):

These are GREAT!
I'm running a 37" ultra-wide screen monitor (21:9) at 3840 X 1600. I thought 37" would be large enough for my slowly fading eyes. But, I guess their going quicker that I thought. I'm ALWAYS hunting for my cursor, especially on web pages or when I have a bunch of things open.
Thanks for such a great set! :-)

SubStep (2018-11-24 16:03:04 / 5 stars):

I Love it!!!!

Unknown author (2019-01-01 11:03:53):

this is sick. I love these designs :-)

Unknown author (2019-01-02 02:37:03):

This is exactly what I needed thank you! The rainbow is so practical for seeing the cursor easily on my ultra wide monitor and beautiful too! I like how the symbols are the same that I am used to from using windows all these years.

Kudos for a job well done and for helping visually impaired people at the same time!

Unknown author (2019-01-13 03:49:01):

The Cursor is amazing!! I love the animation on it and everything, but sometimes the cursor just doesn't show on the screen and is very annoying... other than that, it's great!! I would love to see an upgraded version of this!!

Unknown author (2019-02-12 16:52:45):

trippy as balls

Unknown author (2019-02-26 07:01:46):


Unknown author (2019-03-01 03:35:45):


Unknown author (2019-03-14 10:51:34):

This is super nice but I don't want to use it because I don't need it, I just need the other kinds of mice Nice mouse! ;-)

Unknown author (2019-04-20 18:52:07):

Awesome! :-D ;-)

2ndmowae (2019-06-16 22:33:15 / 4 stars):

nice fade between colors. you text select is a bit big, and maybe add another type of "busy" cursor besides the sqaure and sandtimer. nice job though!

Unknown author (2019-06-18 22:20:44):

i love this so much for the soul reason that its GAY!!!!lol

Unknown author (2019-10-03 23:29:42):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2019-10-08 20:16:35):

im gay its gay its a good curser

cooolgamer (2019-10-30 10:21:46):


Cyrater (2019-11-11 00:19:47 / 5 stars):

Seriously, why some people think this is a gay cursor set, rainbow is just a simple thing, I dont know why rainbow represents the homosexuality. However, good cursors!

Unknown author (2019-11-18 01:15:31):


Unknown author (2019-11-21 14:58:38):

:-) It's really good mouse I just use it on my school laptop. I Get a good bit of compliments from my classmates. But there's one thing, my school laptop is a touch screen, and when I touch the screen, the pointer goes away and i always have to re-apply it.

Unknown author (2019-12-04 10:43:32):

great wish a littel smaller tho

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