Cursor Set - RGB Rainbow

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RGB Rainbow Cursors

RGB Rainbow
  • Published on November 3rd 2021 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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The bevel do the 70% of work here :O
Im probably gonna use this cursors now, Rate 5 stars please.
1 of my best cursors sets!
Enjoy! :-D

Tags: □ Multicolored 3D ■ Black Abstract


by ♣Aworld♣

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user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on March 28th 2022

Almost 10k Downloadsssss :ooooooo

user icon ツ☪ NaLexnu ♡♥ contributing user on April 28th 2022

5 out of 5 stars.

lo ame icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

user icon ✧ • Skyler • ✧ registered user on May 3rd 2022

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Venta de aerosoles:
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user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on May 18th 2022


user icon Anonymous on June 25th 2022


user icon Anonymous on October 2nd 2022

nike ta mere fdp avec ton cureseur on dirrait un crosshaire fdp c nul

user icon Anonymous on August 3rd 2023

so good

user icon Anonymous on August 21st 2023

Op Cursors :-D

user icon Anonymous on February 1st

africano n tem agua :-o :-o :-o :-D :-)

user icon Asdro4m registered user on February 7th

In the realm of technology, the allure of customization beckons to those seeking to elevate their digital experience. Excitement brimming, I embarked on the journey of enhancing my computing setup by downloading a custom mouse that promised visual splendor and aesthetic appeal. Little did I know that my anticipation would soon be eclipsed by a wave of frustration and disappointment.

The first glimpse of the downloaded mouse left me underwhelmed, a far cry from the sleek and visually captivating design I had envisioned. Instead of an elegant peripheral that seamlessly blended with my setup, what lay before me was a clunky and uninspiring device. The physical design, purportedly enhanced through customization, failed to exude the sophistication I had anticipated.

The real blow, however, came when I explored the promised visual customization. In my mind's eye, I envisioned a symphony of colors dancing harmoniously across the mouse's surface, creating an immersive and visually stimulating experience. Alas, reality had a different plan. The downloaded customization, touted as a masterpiece of visual aesthetics, turned out to be a mere cacophony of mismatched hues and disorganized patterns.

The attempt at personalization had backfired spectacularly. Instead of a refined color palette that complemented my workspace, I found myself staring at a chaotic mishmash of colors that clashed rather than harmonized. The lack of coherence in the visual scheme not only tarnished the aesthetics of the mouse but also disrupted the overall visual harmony of my computing environment.

As I delved into the customization options, hoping to salvage some semblance of appeal, I was met with a frustrating user interface that seemed designed to confound rather than assist. The controls were unintuitive, and the promised flexibility in customization was overshadowed by a convoluted system that left me feeling more like a hostage to the software than a master of my own visual destiny.

In my attempts to reconcile with the downloaded mouse, I reached out to customer support, seeking guidance or a glimmer of redemption. Unfortunately, the interaction only exacerbated my discontent. The responses were generic, devoid of genuine solutions, and left me with the impression that my concerns were merely brushed aside.

In conclusion, what was meant to be an exciting venture into customization turned into a lamentable journey of unmet expectations. The downloaded mouse, marred by an unappealing physical design and a lackluster attempt at visual customization, has become a regrettable addition to my technological arsenal. This experience serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough research and skepticism when diving into the realm of downloadable customizations.

May this cautionary tale prompt others to tread carefully in the world of digital personalization, where promises of aesthetic wonders may turn out to be nothing more than a mirage of disappointment.



user icon Anonymous