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Roswell 3D Cursors

Roswell 3D
  • Published on April 5th 2017 by codewar65.
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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Roswell 3D is an animated cursor set raytraced in POV-Ray and assembled using RealWorld Cursor Editor. Inspired on folklore of alien technology in a desert military facility in New Mexico. ;-)

The POV-Ray source for this set is available here free for your amusement. (Run with +KFI0 +KFF479 +ua command line switches for proper animation and transparent background).

POV-Ray Source:

Update: Includes 32x32 and 48x48 cursors.

Tags: 3D


by codewar65

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user icon Anonymous on April 8th
user icon J registered user on April 8th

5 out of 5 stars.

A refreshing change indeed!!
Have not seen any set like this in some time.
Immediately caught my eye.
All cursor roles, excellent animations, and a consistent techy theme.
I should not say this but I envy you that you have made a 3d modelled set.
Keep it up man


user icon codewar65 registered user on April 8th

Modelling in 3D is a pain in the neck for me using modelling software. I have yet to find any modelling software that isn't next to impossible to use or learn. So I model in my head and type it out in POV-Ray as plain text (put a sphere here, scale it, subtract a chunk out of it here, rotate it, apply this texture, etc).

Thanks for the kind words all. The POV-Ray source file I made to generate these images is available in the description if you wish to play around with it. I'd love to see more people having fun with math. Also the image post processing software I wrote to get these down to cursor size with outlines is available on my website here ( ). The source code is also in the zip file if you want to tinker around with programming graphics.


user icon Anonymous on April 18th

how do you make it your curser?????

user icon codewar65 registered user on April 18th

Made with:

  • POV-Ray (free raytracing software; Google it).
  • IC Warlock (free image processing software I wrote to process images for cursors and icons; see posts above)
  • RealWorld Cursor Editor (free cursor editor available on this site)
user icon Anonymous on April 19th

Hey, just bored on my tablet ... no where close to a computer. Two thoughts ... make an actual profile page so your stuff is easier to find. Add a link to your software there, because dude ... that looks awesome. I love that you use pov! I am highmystica btw.

user icon highmystica registered user on April 19th

5 out of 5 stars.

guess I had to be logged in to see your profile. These cursors are great. Mad props for using pov ray.

user icon Anonymous on April 19th

:-D aweomesest cursor!

user icon Anonymous on April 24th

esta bien 8-)

user icon Anonymous about 9 hours ago

Good!! :-D

user icon Anonymous