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Silver Indicators 3D Cursors

Silver Indicators 3D
  • Published on May 17th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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By searching on again, I have found this truly amazing silver cursor set named Silver Cursors 3D modern set. This cursor set comes with 15 cursor roles. All the cursors in this set are silver. Most of the cursors are triangular cursors with different animation effects and some slight different shades of silver. Please be aware that there are no Location Select nor Person Select cursor roles in this silver set. If the original author adds them, then I will add them too to this silver cursor set.

I have named this cursor set Silver Indicators 3D because I cannot use the word cursor nor set in both the file name of the identifier for this cursor set. That is because there are some restrictions in the RealWorld Graphics website.

Below are the original names for each cursor role:

CUR_DIR = "Cursors\Silver Cursors 3D":

SCHEME_NAME = "Silver Cursors 3D"
pointer = "Arrow.cur"
help = "Help.ani"
work = "AppStarting.ani"
busy = "Wait.ani"
cross = "cross.cur"
text = "IBeam.ani"
hand = "Handwriting.ani"
unavailiable = "NO.ani"
vert = "SizeNS.ani"
horz = "SizeWE.ani"
dgn1 = "SizeNWSE.ani"
dgn2 = "SizeNESW.ani"
move = "SizeAll.ani"
alternate = "UpArrow.ani"
link = "Hand.ani"

This is the link where I found this silver cursor set:

This cursor set is a real silver one, so do not get muddled up with grey cursors. This cursor set shines like a mirror so you have the real look and feel of the silver color in this cursor set. Enjoy its appearance.

Tags: 3D Triangular ■ Silver



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user icon RIDDLER registered user on May 17th 2021

This is the ingenious work done by the original author.

user icon Anonymous on June 4th 2021

Nice silver mouse cursor. Works great as well. I love it.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 5th 2021

I have gold and bronze cursors as well. Check them out.

user icon ꧁ Illusion ꧂ registered user on June 18th 2021

5 out of 5 stars.

Very Cool..and Animated Nicely..I Think The Ideas Are Took From The DIM Cursors?
But Amazingly Done..

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 19th 2021

I did not take anyone's idea. This cursor set was made by another user. I said that in the comments above. I also like the way this cursor set was animated.

user icon Nightfury registered user on June 27th 2021

5 out of 5 stars.

I like it very muc :-D :-D :-) :-) h

user icon RIDDLER registered user on June 28th 2021

Glad you like it so much.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 18th 2021

Hmm good.

user icon disper registered user on August 21st 2021

ayoo these are cool :-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on August 22nd 2021

Super cool indeed.

user icon Anonymous