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Trump Cursors

  • Published on May 14th 2017 by Censor_Not.
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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Yes, another Trump cursor set. Inspired by BB21!

"Normal select" is obviously Trump. Left-hand version included.
"Help Select" is Melania because she's probably helpful someplace, while Ivanka works in the background, for whatever that's worth.
"Busy" shows an American flag waving animation.
"Handwrite" pen is the MOAB! (Mother Of All Bombs).
The ISIS flag is "Unavailable", because as you can see, a mushroom cloud is exploding on/in front of it.
Resizers are the "Stronger" & "Unstumpable" memes, if only to throw some color & maybe some humor around. At higher DPI, you can actually read them.
Your "Alternate" is V.P. Pence.
"Move" is a variation of the Presidential Seal just to be a little different.
Precision Select is Tiffany because you nearly never see her.
All static cursors are 32+48px. for display settings up to 200%.

**The "busy" cursor is VERY popular, so I added a couple more like it. Also, a MOAB variant, this one facing up. Enjoy!


by Censor_Not

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user icon highmystica registered user on May 18th 2017

No he would gloat and you know it. Cheney loved being likened to the Emperor or Vader. He might insist all computers int eh white house use this ...

user icon highmystica registered user on May 18th 2017


user icon Censor_Not registered user on May 18th 2017

There is a previous set. In it, Trump's hair looks quite unflattering. imo. lol... And "Mythical". Trump will not see this. And if he does, so what. Stop cutting & pasting my comments everywhere, it's absurd. Thanks for the sabotage. Upload a set so I can slap a 1-star on 'ya. No wonder Vlasta took all your items. And, the link to your "rainbow cursor" is broken. Now go.

@Highmystica - What about "Bill the Cat"? And I WISH the WH would use these cursors! I'd be instantly famous for no reason like Joy Villa LOL! And I like the idea about making his sons resizers, haha, good one. At first, I thought, "who is Tiffany...oh yeah LOL! And I think one CAN nuke ISIS anywhere on Earth, if one wanted to, heh heh. (for fun, see "Tianjin Blast" on Youtube). The "flipping you off" idea is great too, but I don't want to push any "foul language" guidelines or offend anyone. sarc! ROFLMAO!

user icon LEGENDARY✧ registered user on May 19th 2017

5 out of 5 stars.

i don't like trump but this had amazing detail and its so legit.

user icon Censor_Not registered user on May 19th 2017

@Legendary - Thanks! (I'm not thrilled with him, but the entire govt is crazy so what can we do, y'know? Have a laugh at some stupid cursors LOL!

user icon мутнι¢αℓ✧ registered user on May 23rd 2017

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Censor_not.. Ik :P xD.. ik LEGENDARY in rl.

user icon Tails the Fox registered user on June 29th 2017

5 out of 5 stars.


user icon commieluver registered user on August 8th so sad... why did you make this.... why father..... marx 2020

user icon Anonymous on August 30th

this cursor set is awful!!!!!!!! i freaking hate trump so much!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!! 8-)

shut up libtard!!!! trump is the ebest president ever !!!!!! only COMMIE S would say somtehting so bad about Trump Cursor Set!!!!!

user icon lzwg888 registered user on September 4th

hhh,funny Trump,everyday only can say China China Chian! :-D

user icon Anonymous