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Undertale Cursors

  • Published on November 24th 2015 by .
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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A set of Undertale cursors I made because I couldn't find any to download. People liked them, so I thought I'd share.

UPDATE: Wow, I didn't think these would be so popular. Over 9k! That makes this the most popular Undertale cursor pack. Thank you to everyone who have downloaded these! :-D

Now, something I should address: I know that some people want the cursors to be bigger. But that's probably not happening. My reasoning:
1. The regular cursor is small because a heart oriented right-side-up doesn't make for a good pointer. A small heart is more precise and works for the left or right hand. It's sort of a pinpoint/cross-hair type cursor.
2. If I made the main red and blue select hearts bigger, then they'd break theme. I'd have to make them all bigger, and I'm too lazy for that. Besides, any bigger and I can't quite fit the animations in the way I want to.
3. It's a bright red heart. It isn't that difficult to locate. Wiggle the mouse a little, you'll see it. If it's still too small for you, there are other Undertale-themed main cursors out there that you can substitute in place of mine. ;-)

Long story short, these cursors were designed to be as simple and minimalistic as possible. I wanted them to feel very... well, Undertale. And UNOBSTRUCTIVE. You get it, right?

I do not own or have anything to do with the game Undertale, yadda yadda, all rights to it belong to Toby Fox.
Or something like that.

Tags: Windows 7 Heart Game Simple


by Veraxiel

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user icon Anonymous on May 7th

This is pretty epic

user icon Anonymous on May 17th

it is

user icon Anonymous on May 24th

I love it!

user icon Toony registered user on June 6th

4.5 out of 5 stars.

It's so nice! Added a nice touch to my Undertale desktop themes!

user icon Anonymous on June 18th

Seeing these Cursor's fill you with DETERMINATION

user icon Anonymous on June 25th

8-) :-영형 :-디 :-) ;-) :-영형 :-영형 :-영형 :-영형 :-영형 :-영형

영형이 뭐냐

undertale 덕후로써 우리나라 사이트가 아닌것에 감사할게요

user icon Anonymous on June 29th

i used this when it came out, it was fun!
- Regitt

user icon Anonymous on July 4th

Thank you very much!
That's cursors really cool! 8-)

user icon Anonymous on July 28th

The cursor fills you with DETERMINATION

user icon Anonymous on August 3rd

Вы осматриваете курсоры вы полны РЕШИМОСТИ!!!

user icon Anonymous