Customization of Card Creator

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Creating custom templates

Making a custom template requires basic skills with the (free) Paint.COM image editor. A template is every image that fulfills the following criteria:

Has two layers
Lower layer is called "layout".
Upper layer is called "frame".
No layer effects are used.

The "layout" layer contains limited amount of sufficiently different colors. Areas designated by the colors are placeholders for the actual images.

Using custom templates

Card Creator allows you to make cards using one of the three built-in templates, but it also allows you to use custom templates for more variability. To use a custom template:

  1. Download a template (.rli file) and save it to a known location on your computer (like your Documents folder).
  2. Start Card Creator
  3. Drag and drop the template file onto the Card Creator window.

For download visit the page of Card Creator

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user icon cdl contributing user on January 27th 2014

Very nice tutorial.

user icon The Male Boss registered user on January 21st 2018

Can a bevel be used if you want to share one on this site

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...