Filters with preview

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Filters with preview

Published by on October 21st 2006.

Upcoming versions of RealWorld Designer-based applications are going to have a much needed feature: the ability to run a filter and display a preview of the outcome.

Rotation image filter with preview

How does it work?

All RW filters (or more exactly 'operations', because the underlying object is not always an image) consist of a configuration and a an execution function.

The lower part of the window displays the configuration of an operation, the upper part shows two windows representing the original and the processed image. The 'Preview' button refreshes the window with the processed image. You can of course enable the Auto-preview option and then the right window will be updated automatically once the configuration of the operation changes.

But how do the preview window work, how do they know what to display? Well, it is just the matter of configuration (as always with RW). The configuration of the preview windows is included in the configuration of the application.

In the example above, the preview window is just a simple image viewer that is used for example in image editor or in icon editor layout. can be changed... If you wished to have a toolbar with zoom controls as a part of the preview windows, you can.


This new configuration dialog with preview can be:

  • used with any filter - including third party filters.
  • used with any document - including third party documents as long as they implement the DocumentCopy function.

You will see these previews in action with many of the new RW image filters in the next versions of RW Icon Editor and RW Cursor Editor.

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