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Name:Vlastimil Miléř

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Bindweed TeaserBindweed Cursors
by Vlasta1807Having bindweed on your farm or garden is pretty bad. But having it o...
Software Support TeaserSoftware Support Icons
by Vlasta1012Users of RealWorld application may already know some of these symbols...
Umbrella TeaserUmbrella Cursors
by Vlasta3664A pinkish umbrella. I started making this set in autumn, but finished...
Burning TeaserBurning Cursors
by Vlasta1329Your cursors are on fire. Deal with it. The fire effects were created...
Soccer TeaserSoccer Icons
by Vlasta1760With the FIFA World Cup in progress, I realized there are very few so...
Discrete TeaserDiscrete Cursors
by Vlasta4513A complete set of cursors for Windows created in RealWorld Cursor Edi...
Weather TeaserWeather Icons
by Vlasta2600Icons for various weather conditions.
Da Vinci Code TeaserDa Vinci Code Cursors
by Vlasta10kCursors based on the Da Vinci Code novel and movie including fleur-de...
Blue-Glass for Vista TeaserBlue-Glass for Vista Cursors
by Vlasta45kA cursor set designed to be used on Windows Vista together with the g...
Smooth Classic TeaserSmooth Classic Cursors
by Vlasta13kClassic Windows cursors with built-in shadows and antialiased edges. ...

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user icon Devk registered user on September 15th 2017


I made svengoolie cursors

if you know what that is then awesome!

user icon rOn registered user on December 11th 2017

hi, my computer crashed, ive downloaded your icon editor, but i forgot my registration,
its not saving icons whn i create one one a trial base?

user icon Anonymous on February 7th

I don´t know if this is even important, but it would be nice if this website had more filter options for coursor search. And voting or automaticly deleting cursors which don't get more than xxx downloads after 1 month. I mean its a cool website and the tools are great but it seems like it not developed over the past few years. Probably cursors are a niche product and the smartphone push cursors aside, but i dont want to lose that personalization. Yeah i know, that whole text is really presumptuous for a free website :-(

user icon Anonymous on March 7th

ur face is cool vlasta! 8-)

Hi Vlasta, can anonymous people can upload? :thinking:

user icon Anonymous on March 16th

How do you get animated cursors for mousecape?

user icon Bob the builder registered user on March 18th

how come im not getting buttons?

user icon Bob the builder registered user on March 30th


user icon Bob the builder registered user on April 10th

Are you messing with me Vlasta?

i could not upload a animated cursor, it just say invalid or missing cursor file, even when it says ani.

i have tried over and over to see if it works one day

user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 11th

Maybe it is not really an .ani file, maybe it just has .ani extension... Can you use it as your cursor?

user icon Devk registered user on August 28th

u u

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
I wish there were...