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Name:Vlastimil Miléř

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Bindweed TeaserBindweed Cursors
by Vlasta1388Having bindweed on your farm or garden is pretty bad. But having it o...
Software Support TeaserSoftware Support Icons
by Vlasta883Users of RealWorld application may already know some of these symbols...
Umbrella TeaserUmbrella Cursors
by Vlasta2841A pinkish umbrella. I started making this set in autumn, but finished...
Burning TeaserBurning Cursors
by Vlasta909Your cursors are on fire. Deal with it. The fire effects were created...
Soccer TeaserSoccer Icons
by Vlasta1188With the FIFA World Cup in progress, I realized there are very few so...
Discrete TeaserDiscrete Cursors
by Vlasta2618A complete set of cursors for Windows created in RealWorld Cursor Edi...
Weather TeaserWeather Icons
by Vlasta2170Icons for various weather conditions.
Da Vinci Code TeaserDa Vinci Code Cursors
by Vlasta7958Cursors based on the Da Vinci Code novel and movie including fleur-de...
Blue-Glass for Vista TeaserBlue-Glass for Vista Cursors
by Vlasta41kA cursor set designed to be used on Windows Vista together with the g...
Smooth Classic TeaserSmooth Classic Cursors
by Vlasta7152Classic Windows cursors with built-in shadows and antialiased edges. ...

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user icon Anonymous on August 24th 2013

No, Vlasta, it was me who was confused. at first I confused the 2 different Explorers but I couldn't go back & erase my comment. Sorry about that part.! !

The real question was ... So there is Nothing we can do? (Just to make sure)

user icon Devin S. registered user on September 25th 2013

Vlasta, how does someone become a site admin?

user icon Devin S. registered user on September 27th 2013

I have a new icon. Can you review it?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on September 27th 2013

^ there are some rules what icons can be approved

user icon Anonymous on September 29th 2013

Guess what, I just found Vlasta on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Vlasta

(Who am I)


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Total Edits: 24
Different Pages Edited: 9
First Edit: April 23, 2006
Last Edit: March 28, 2012


user icon teratus registered user on October 12th 2013

Vos logiciels sont frais. Je viens de les découvrir, et je n'ai pas fini...
Cela va occuper ma triste vie pour un moment.

user icon SoaringEagle registered user on January 11th

as crazy as this may sound, i kinds of want all of my sets deleted, i want to start over with everything... please do that for me, please, vlasta? |-)

user icon SYNTHCRO contributing user on April 16th

Many of Soaring Eagle's sets contain images that he does not own the rights to, yet he has released them to public domain.

user icon Noah Bear registered user on June 21st

your cursors are cool :-)

user icon Anonymous on September 4th

anybody there ?

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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