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Name:Vlastimil Miléř

Discord: vlasta#8755

Latest art

Inflated TeaserInflated Cursors
by Vlasta438Cursors with smooth animations created in the upcoming version of Rea...
Butterfly TeaserButterfly Icons
by Vlasta507A couple of butterflies widespread in most of Europe. And one moth.
Bindweed TeaserBindweed Cursors
by Vlasta2201Having bindweed on your farm or garden is pretty bad. But having it o...
Software Support TeaserSoftware Support Icons
by Vlasta1148Users of RealWorld application may already know some of these symbols...
Umbrella TeaserUmbrella Cursors
by Vlasta4745A pinkish umbrella. I started making this set in autumn, but finished...
Burning TeaserBurning Cursors
by Vlasta1778Your cursors are on fire. Deal with it. The fire effects were created...
Soccer TeaserSoccer Icons
by Vlasta2477With the FIFA World Cup in progress, I realized there are very few so...
Discrete TeaserDiscrete Cursors
by Vlasta5987A complete set of cursors for Windows created in RealWorld Cursor Edi...
Weather TeaserWeather Icons
by Vlasta3186Icons for various weather conditions.
Da Vinci Code TeaserDa Vinci Code Cursors
by Vlasta13kCursors based on the Da Vinci Code novel and movie including fleur-de...

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user icon TenZue registered user on June 7th

Can you make an update where users can get verified?

user icon TenZue registered user on June 11th
user icon Dark Falcon registered user on June 12th

wait a sec, a big update to website is comming? ok, i just hope that update keeps and add more of these smileys: ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-) add more web games being able to delete sets without the need of a dissolvent and keep the current website design

about the smileys, it would be nice to have these from this set:

about happy and wink is your choice to leave them or change them, i would suggest to change the wink icon from that set as the current one looks like a smirking wink :/

user icon TenZue registered user on June 12th

I js hope that Vlasta adds smth like u can get verified

user icon Dark Falcon registered user on June 13th


user icon TenZue registered user on June 14th

like ppl could get verified on this site, yk like on Twitter n Insta ppl could get verified

user icon Anonymous on July 15th


user icon Anonymous on July 18th

hey vlasta i just wanna say thx for making this website i really like the cool cursors especially the realworld cursor :-D
- TH311M

user icon TH311M registered user on July 18th

k guys i finally registered i am no longer anonymous

i like tenzue's idea i have some ideas for it too

 there can be some sort of verification by email that gets sent to you and you can get the mark next to your name
 and insteand of a checkmark, it could be the realworld logo
user icon RIDDLER registered user on July 21st

I do like all your cursors Vlasta. They are dazzling. Please keep making great cursor sets for Windows 11, and do not forget to also create great icons as well.

user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
Select background
I wish there were...