How to Make an Effective Cursor Set

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How to Make an Effective Cursor Set

Published by on March 4th 2013.

PAD/cursor-i64.png imageEveryone wants their creations to be downloaded and get high rating, well here are some ideas on how to do that.


Before you even start to make a set, search the gallery, if your idea has already been made don't make it again. For example, this site has over 80 Runescape themed sets, we don't need any more. If the sets that relate to your idea are low quality or incomplete, then make a complete, high quality set. If there is nothing in the gallery like what you plan to make than you should make it.

A Common Flaw

When making a cursor always be sure to set the hot spot to the appropriate place on your cursor. If you don't your cursor, no matter how amazing the design, is useless and deserves a low rating.


If your cursors look like there was no effort put into make them you are going to get bad reviews. Likewise if your set is a master piece you will get good reviews.


When making cursor think about how the cursor is going to be used. For example, a text select cursor that is bulky will not work as well as a thin one. Or a link select that looks just like the normal select. Also make sure the hot spot is set correctly.

Target Audience

When making a set, it is important to know your target audience. Basically if your target audience is someone who will have access to a computer and knows how to change setting on their computer, then you should make the set. If not then you might want to rethink why you were making that set in the first place.


In general, complete sets with cursors for all 15 role get better reviews. But don't rush to get all 15 done, take you time on each cursor, or your cursors will look sloppy. It only takes 3 cursors to make a set, but it takes 15 to fulfill the roles on a computer.

Getting Reviews

If you want other users to rate you set, then you should rate their sets. When they see that you rated their set they will be more likely to review yours.

Getting Attention

When you make a set you get to add tags to your set, so add any tags that apply to help people find your set. Give a descriptive title and a detailed description. If you want your set to show up when people search a certain word, have that word in your description. For example, if the word banana is in the description and someone searches banana your set will come up.

Good Luck to all of you,

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