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Published by on February 26th 2013.

This is might not all be true, some of these are just guesses.

  • I think the Wrapping Paper Roll just makes wrapping paper, like the sandpaper roll.
  • The Wrapping Paper can be used on other items to create a Fancy Present
  • A Ribbon Cockade can be used on a fancy present to make it (look) more fancy, but I don't think that it has any other use but I might be wrong.
  • A Fancy Present when you use it will give you whatever item was wrapped.
  • 15 Puzzle is a game that you can get buttons from.

If know anything please let me know.

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user icon cdl contributing user on February 27th 2013

You might want to ask Scunkie's close cousin, Vlasta, for specifics but I believe you are not far off from what I have heard.
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user icon SYNTHCRѺ contributing user on February 27th 2013

LoL :-D

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?