Tangled and Frozen cursors

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Tangled and Frozen cursors

Published by on March 31st 2014.

I posted the complete cursor set inspired by Tangled movie on the beginning of this month. You can see it here. I really love this movie. I hope I will add the Tangled icons too. Let me know via comment, if you have some idea for the icons. I'll appreciate it.

cursor-view/62961-48.png image

I saw Frozen movie yesterday. I had started to watch Frozen movie many times, but yesterday I finally finished it. Olaf is my favorite character and the snow effect is really wonderful.

I am trying to create a simple model of Olaf in RW Icon editor. It's complicated and it will take a lot of time. Maybe next month I will add cursor set inspired by Frozen. I hope so, but I can't promise it for sure.

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user icon jojois74 registered user on April 1st 2014

Very nice, it's pretty desolate here I guess. More activity is always good....

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I wish there were...
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