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Millionaire Games

Published by on March 3rd 2017.


Who wants to be a millionaire? If you want to, play this game made in PowerPoint!

How to Play

You will start on $50,000. Click on the correct answer and you will advance to the next level. Keep going until you reach $1,000,000. When you get the answer incorrect, you will have to exit this program and start over! Be careful on your final answer.


Office PowerPoint 2010 and older
Windows 7, 8, or 10
You need the mouse, not the arrow keys.

How to Win

Earn $1,000,000.

How I Made These Games

1. I started off with a template called Frame and made the title screen with text boxes.
2. I used the Transition tab and used animations to the next slide and used 5 slides for a countdown timer to start on the game and put each Advance to Next Slide After 00:01.00 feature.
3. I used a text box to make the question and I started off with these questions:

  • I used rectangles to make the answer choices, typed answers in them, and put a code in each for clicking on them.
  • I used method 1, but it contains a picture or a story.
  • I used a picture and put shapes on it and put codes on the shapes for clicking on them.

4. I included an Incorrect! slide if the player gets the answer incorrect and that player starts all over again, because in one of the shows to win a million dollars by answering multiple choice questions and you answer one incorrect, you are done.
5. I included a You won a million dollars! slide if the player gets all of the answers correct.
6. I saved it as a .ppsx file as a PowerPoint Show. Do not edit the game. It is saved as this format to prevent editing.
7. And that is how I make each game!


Social Studies

Any more ideas of classes are very welcome!

How to Download?

Drag a word in the Links heading to the top of the window and will download for you!

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user icon StickyChannel92 contributing user on December 17th 2018

Actually, I messed up. Right-click the word and click Open image in new tab. That is how it downloads the game.

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