CNET Is The Death Toll To Your Device

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CNET Is The Death Toll To Your Device

Published by on May 15th 2019.

Back in the old days, they make CNET the best download source ever. So many good reviews. But now, it pays you a toll for adware on your computer.


Right now, CNET is packaging malware and adware into the installers. They take other people's software without permission or asking and stuff lots of garbage in them.


Once, I've came across software I liked. I didn't know how and didn't know about virtual machines. Here is a story. This happened in 2018 in the Spring. It's true!

I once had Windows 10, and at that time, I always liked CNET, when I downloaded Lego Digital Designer, I opened it, and showed a welcome screen. When I clicked Next, I see a license term agreement.

First Attempt to Install Crap on My PC

I clicked Agree, and I saw a menu talking about "Regular Installation" and "Custom Installation". On "Quick installation", it told me that I would want to install ''SweetPacks" toolbar. I had no idea what that was. It didn't have a checkbox to unselect that option. I clicked on "Custom Installation", and guess what? It had options to install SweetPacks, but with checkboxes. The first one is a heading with the sub-heading ones. I un-selected the first one and it didn't unselect the others. I had to unselect the others. |-)

Second Attempt to Install Crap on My PC

I clicked Next and shows another licence term agreement. I was about to click Agree, but I almost forgot what I was doing. It shows another toolbar! "Delta" is yet another toolbar! I clicked Decline.

Third Attempt to Install Crap on My PC

I came to yet another license term agreement, and I payed attention this time. It's asking me to install "CCleaner". I googled that and it says that "it's a tool turned from an antivirus program to a malware threat by a hacker". I clicked Decline. |-)

When it's done

It installed malware. Months ago I had to use Malwarebytes (thanks for the trial). It removed everything. :-)


Guys, don't ever go to CNET Download ever again. It's dangerous. Right now, the website is updated and it doesn't show that the button has the phrase "CNET Installer Activated", but it may still install malware. You never know. So don't go there.

Be safe out there. ;-)

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