Nested Records

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Nested Records

Published by on January 4th.

Open an infinite corridor of a pack of nesting dolls of universes and life! Go forth on a lengthy journey and explore the most out of life, science, people, animals, biology, and stuff. All it is is infinite dropdown menus.

Rules: Go to and go as far as you can, as long as you can handle, until you can't handle it anymore. Copy and paste all data into a notepad file. If it's more than 1MB big, make a Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive share link, copy and paste all data into and tell me how many lines you cleared.

Ranks are ordered by how valuable they are
rsrc/rankgravitite_ingot.png imagersrc/ranknetherite_ingot.png imagersrc/rankzanite_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankdiamond_ingot.png imagersrc/rankemerald_ingot.png imagersrc/rankgold_ingot.png imagersrc/ranklapis_lazuli_ingot.png imagersrc/rankiron_ingot.png imagersrc/rankcopper_ingot.png imagersrc/rankredstone_ingot.png image

#NameLines ClearedLink to file
rsrc/rankgravitite_ingot.png imageStickyChannel927956
rsrc/ranknetherite_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankzanite_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankdiamond_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankemerald_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankgold_ingot.png image
rsrc/ranklapis_lazuli_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankiron_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankcopper_ingot.png image
rsrc/rankredstone_ingot.png image

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user icon Anonymous on January 4th

this is good

user icon Henry registered user on April 2nd

cool :-D

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