HOW TO change icon profile

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HOW TO change icon profile

Published by on April 30th 2022.


Welcome to RW designer page

Recently someone ask to me ,

- how did you create your (icon) profile picture?

My answer it's

on 2013 Sirea make me the icon profile with my real photo :-D

If you want know how she do it see her video

How you can do your icon profile
User icon - tutorial

HOW TO change icon profile

go to your profile< go to icon< choose file< (choose your file)<upload

it needs to be approved by vlasta (the admin) in order for it to be seen by others

vlasta -->

New Redraw Technique

Illustrated Doctor Who Icons

rw-designer profile guidelines

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how do i get my profile picture aproved by vlasta? |:

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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