1k Sketch Cursor DLs! + other things

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1k Sketch Cursor DLs! + other things

Published by on October 20th.

Hey guys, Animelove_1105 Here.

I just wanna say and clarify a few things.

Firstly, I know I'm pretty late to this, but my OG sketch cursor set has reached 1k downloads!!! I dunno if any of you guys remember but I planned on making a 1k downloads set for the sketch cursors. That's canned now. The old sketch cursor design was a bit pixely so I'm not gonna work on that.

Next, you guys may remember those two blog posts from "The CRI". Those were supposed to lead up to some april fool's joke of some sort but I never got time to work on that, so that's canned as well.

I'll make more cursors when I get ideas. Thank you for your support!
- Animelove_1105

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