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1000+ Downloads! New set!

Hey everyone! Animelove_1105 here!

Happy late new year!

Hey everyone! I am back!

Happy Holidays!

Hey everybody! I just want to let you all know that I won't be as active on this site in the next 1-2 weeks as i'm on my winter break to hang out w/ my family. I hope all of you have a happy holiday! :-)

New cursor set coming soon!

Hey everyone! Animelove_1105 here!

I'm back!

Happy Halloween everyone! Animelove_1105 Here!

New cursor set out!!!!

Hey everyone again! Animelove_1105 here!

New cursor set in the works!!! thumbnail

New cursor set in the works!!!

Hey everyone! Animelove_1105 Here.

Updated Stickly Cursor

Hello everyone! This message goes out to the people that currently own/use my Stickly Cursor set.

New cursor set most likely unreleased

Hey everyone.

1st blog post - Got my first trophy!

Hey yall. First blog post here. Anyway, what I wanna say is I got the buttonless shirt trophy!!!! That's why I review often, to get them buttons.

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