It's been... kinda of a while.

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It's been... kinda of a while.

Published by on March 26th.

Heyo to who may find this blog post.

Yes, I'm still around. I'm just mainly making this blog post to kinda update yall on where I am.
So... I haven't made a cursor set in about... lemme see...
Four months.
But hey, no worries, I'm still around. I recently won two Theme of The Month contests. Yep, TWO of them!
But you may think, Hey, didn't u say that you'd take a hiatus from ToTM?
Yes, I still am. These awards were actually very late ones! The ones in particular were the February and October 2023 awards. Since that's done with... what now?

Well, I don't have very much planned for this site. I have uploaded more Win7 Icons (As requested by an Anonymous user), If you wanna check those out they're below.
icon-teaser/win7-ddores.png image

Also, before I forget...

Happy 2nd anniversary to me on this ol' site! Yippee!!!

Yep, I'm late for something small. No, I didn't have anything planned for it.

That's about it from me, for now.
I'll post more stuff when I have ideas.
Thank you everyone for your support! :-)

- Animelove_1105

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