Sandwich Kingdom Sprites (WIP)

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Sandwich Kingdom Sprites (WIP)

Published by on May 27th.

I will be ripping the graphics from this game so if you want to make a remake out of these graphics, go right ahead! A tribute and courtesy to the Sifteo Cubes. <3

Download the games here:
And the emulator here:

Simply put your games in the examples folder, open the shell command and type 'siftulator <game.elf>'.


Pearl and Sprout (WIP!)

rsrc/player2.5.png image


Mugshots (WIP!)

rsrc/mugshots-player2.png image
rsrc/mugshots-npcWIP2.png image

Chapter 1 Dialogue

rsrc/dialogue-c1.png image

Chapter 2 Dialogue (WIP!)

Chapter 3 Dialogue (WIP!)

Chapter 4 Dialogue (WIP!)

Chapter 5 Dialogue (WIP!)

Chapter 6 Dialogue (WIP!)

Chapter 7 Dialogue (WIP!)

Credits (WIP!)


Chapter 1: Prologue

rsrc/c1-theroyalforest.png image

rsrc/c1-castlehoagie-hallofsandwich.png image

rsrc/c1-castlehoagie-throneroom.png image

Chapter 2: Rho Mines

rsrc/c2-entrance.png image

rsrc/c2-customs.png image

rsrc/c2-dormitories.png image

rsrc/c2-storageroom.png image

rsrc/c2-graveyard.png image

rsrc/c2-deepmines.png image

rsrc/c2-carttunnels.png image

rsrc/c2-miningtunnels.png image

rsrc/c2-bureauofforms.png image

rsrc/c2-hallofdeepcabbage.png image

Chapter 3: Sky Temple (WIP!)

rsrc/c3-entrance.png image

rsrc/c3-totemgarden.png image

rsrc/c3-firsttrials.png image

rsrc/c3-trialofnavigation.png image


Items (WIP!)

rsrc/itemsWIP.png image

Game Icon

rsrc/icon.png image


rsrc/font3.png image

Title Screen

rsrc/titlescreen.png image

Miscellaneous Screens

rsrc/screens.png image

Main Menu (WIP!)


Home Screen Elements

rsrc/home.png image


rsrc/font3.png image

Crash Handler Message

rsrc/faulty-message.png image

Bootup Screen

rsrc/sifteo-connected.png image

Disconnected Screen

rsrc/initialize.png image

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