Cursor appetizer

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Cursor appetizer

Published by on June 8th 2009.

I have promised a new version of the RealWorld Cursor Editor few months ago. It is going to take few more months until it is released, but the core features are set. Today, I’ll tell you about three major ones.

Cursor editor with layers

Creating cursors with professional looks requires either talent or a capable tool. Like vector image editor, 3D editor or, you guessed it - a raster image editor with layer support.

The cursor editor can edit images and cursors. The plain image editor will be powered with the same features Paint.COM has. The cursor editor will support layers as well, but the user interface will be intentionally simplified to not intimidate people, who just want to quickly draw their cursor with the Pencil tool (and there are lots of them).

Editing a cursor with layers

Since .cur and .ani formats do not support layers, it will be possible to save a cursor in a new .rcu format and keep the layers for future edits.

What kind of cursor?

With the new version, you would not need to choose whether to make static or animated cursor when you start. And you’ll not need to get used to 2 slightly different editors. The two are now one.

This change also simplifies conversions between static and animated cursors. Just open a static cursor and add some frames. Then choose the Save as… command and save as .ani. The .ani format will be the default choice if there is more than 1 frame.

Smarter preview

A animation preview window was one of the most wanted new features.

The animation can be running or it can be stopped and in that case the window will display the currently selected frame.

A crosshair will be displayed behind the cursor indicating where the hot spot is.

Is that all?

Yes, for now. More details will be unveiled in the future.

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