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Templates for Card Creator

Published by on December 24th 2010.

I like creating card templates a lot so I made some and I hope you like them. I really just created this blog entry to upload my files for card creator.

Birthday Card: If you want to write somebody a nice birthday card, the biggest problem will be, to glue nice pictures on it - With this template you can drag and drop digital photos easily on Card Creator.

Random Card: You dont have got any time left, but the card has to be completed in a few seconds, the random card would be great.

4 Rectangles: It's no birthday, nothing that has to be fast. Four pictures in a coloured rectangle.

Mirror: A card creator template that looks - with a bit fantasy - like a mirror

Stars: A great looking card - like my background

More cards on request.

I hope you enjoy them!

Recent comments

user icon Vlasta site administrator on December 24th 2010

Great, they can now also be downloaded on the Card Creator page.

user icon Erik registered user on December 25th 2010


user icon Erik registered user on January 17th 2011

Vlasta.. A new template was uploaded. Could you make it available on the Card Creator Page

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 17th 2011

Great! It is added.

user icon Erik registered user on February 11th 2011

New file is added

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