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New cursor set made by KDE4 and openSUSE and the Oxygen-Theme. Look here. I can upload more styles on request if you want.

New cursor set: Abstract Cursors. Colors and style from my two abstract icon sets.

3 days offline

Tomorrow morning I'll go on a class trip so I can't be online. I am tring to take my mobile phone to the trip because then I can be online and read comments or write messages and so on.

RealWorld Backgrounds

That's the blog entry for my backgrounds...

New Icons set with letters

I am preparing a new icon set with letters, But the new thing on it is that it has got a metallic ring.

Abstract Icons 2

I am thinking about Abstract Icons 2 because I like their color scheme and systematic. I am starting my project right now and can't wait for finishing it. The set will include 10 icons - Maybee somewhen I will start with making Abstract Icons 3 and then there will be 10 more icons.

Templates for Card Creator

I like creating card templates a lot so I made some and I hope you like them. I really just created this blog entry to upload my files for card creator.

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